Companies Showcase New Technologies At ITM 2004

ITM 2004

Textile World Asia Special ReportCompanies Showcase New Technologies At ITM 2004Italy-based
Promatech S.p.A., a member company of the ITEMA Group, will work in conjunction with its local
agents to showcase a complete range of machines by Somet (Hall 5, 509) and Vamatex (Hall 5, 508/A)
at ITM 2004.Looms on display will include the Somet Alpha 1900 Hi Drive for a linen shirting
fabric, the Alpha 3200 Jacquard for patterned gauze and the Mythos Tec 3400 for sheeting.Vamatex
looms to be shown are the Leonardo Silver 2200 Hi Drive for a stretch dress fabric, the Leonardo
Silver 3600 Hi Drive in gauze and the Leonardo Dyna Terry 2600 jacquard for beach towels.

Leonardo Dyna Terry Loom by VamatexA. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 1,
106/A), Germany, will be introducing its Montex 6000 tenter for woven and knitted fabrics to the
Turkey market at the ITM show.The company says the new machine offers a host of new and improved
features, including: a control platform that replaces the overhead bridge; a standard Qualitex 540
control system with a touchscreen interface; an optional Qualitex 740 controller that incorporates
the Monformatic system; a Monforts iTEC wireless LAN system; a pinning device that feeds fabric
more securely and efficiently; a gluing wheel that stops automatically when the machine stops; a
glue flue selvage-drying device that prevents overdrying; an integrated weft straightener in the
tenter inlet; and pneumatically operated chamber doors.

A. Monfort’s new Montex 6000 tenterItaly-based Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. (Hall 4, 408/A),
a member company of the ITEMA Group, will showcase its FlexiRotorS 3000 and the ORION E automatic
winder at ITM 2004.According to the company, FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo Spinner’s unique openend process
and fully independent machine fronts provide yarn and package quality as well as flexible
production planning capability. The machine offers total electronic control of spinning parameters,
which are programmable using the main machine’s keyboards. The patented electronic package building
feature uses an automated thread-guide movement, which customizes the final package according to
down-stream processes and requests. The high-density packages can reach 12 pounds (6 kilograms) on
coarse counts with a diameter of 320 millimeters. In addition, the machine’s spinning box can reach
a rotor speed of 150,000 revolutions per minute with a 250 meters-per-minute delivery speed.For
almost three generations, Savio has been represented by A. Modiano Ve Oglu in Turkey, where, the
company’s annual turnover has reached 70 million euros in the past three years.

Savio FlexirotorS 3000Italy-based SMIT Textile will be represented by Barok Tekstil (Hall 5,
502) at ITM 2004. On display at the company’s booth will be one G6300 F and two GS900 weaving
machines.Designed to produce a wide variety of terry fabrics, the G6300 F has seven different
weaving widths ranging from 220 to 360 centimeters (cm) and it is ideal for multi-panel weaving of
terry towels. The programmable formation and height of the pile by dynamic sley control ensures
quality in terry patterning. The ground and pile warps have electronically controlled warp let-off
systems that ensure uniform pile weight and height from the full to the empty warp beam. The
electronically controlled cloth take-up guarantees exact weft densities and faultless transition
between pile and border.The modular GS900 is the next generation of the G6300. Its 11 weaving
widths, which range from 170 cm to 360 cm, allow for a wide range of configurations. According to
SMIT, the machine is designed to minimize the stress on the weft and warp yarns by its optimized
textile parameters.In addition, Bonas will also be displaying a SMIT G6300 F at its booth (Hall 5,

SMIT G6300F weaving machine

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