ShanghaiTex Review: Tsudakoma Unveils New Concept Loom

ShanghaiTex Review

Textile World Asia Special ReportTsudakoma Unveils New Concept LoomJapan-based Tsudakoma
Corp.’s big presence at the show was matched by the constant crowd gathered around its three main
attractions: the ZW408 water-jet loom, the ZAX-N air-jet loom and the yet-to-be-named air-jet
concept model.The ZW408 is the company’s widest waterjet loom to date. With three nozzles, it is
capable of weaving a wide range of fabrics, from general apparel fabrics to thick, value-added
fabrics to double fabrics. The unit at the show was set up to weave curtain shade fabrics. The
machine runs at 800 revolutions per minute.

ShanghaiTex was the first public showing of Tsudakoma’s newest model — the ZAX-N (Navi)
air-jet loom equipped with the Weave Navigation System. Takeshi Kokura, deputy general manager of
the sales department, said the loom is designed for denim and runs at a speed of 1,000 (picks per
minute) ppm. The Weave Navigation System has a new algorithm that automates settings and monitors
looms in operation for the best weaving conditions. Other new features of the ZAX-N (Navi) include
completely new electrical components as well as a land-area network (LAN) for networking with a
host computer. According to Kokura, the ZAX-N (Navi) was originally scheduled to make its first
appearance during ITMA 2003.The concept air-jet loom, shipped directly from the company lab to the
show floor, is what the company said will represent its next-generation products. Features of the
loom include high productivity (1,900 ppm), low energy consumption and versatility. “We want people
to see what point we are aiming and toward what direction we are developing [our products],” said

Takeshi Kokura said Tsudokama is satisfied with ShanghaiTex.

Spring 2004