ShanghaiTex Review: Dornier Opens Shanghai Operations

ShanghaiTex Review

Textile World Aisa Special ReportDornier Opens Shanghai OperationsCheers erupted when Peter
Dornier, managing director of Germany-based Lindauer Dornier GmbH, handed the meticulously
decorated cow bell — possibly a reference to Dornier’s proximity to the Alps — to Franz Miesbauer,
sales manager of the newly opened Dornier Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. The crowd, which included
Dornier executives, representatives from the company’s clients and vendors, as well as members of
the press, was gathered to celebrate the opening of Dornier’s new subsidiary in China, located in
the outskirts of Shanghai at the Wai Gao Qiao Tax Free Zone.

Peter D. Dornier (right) presented a decorative cowbell to Linda H.M. Lai (center).With China
generating almost 18 percent of Dornier’s global business, the new Chinese operations will play a
key role in bringing the company closer to one of its fastest-growing customer base. The new
facility will house, under the same roof, a spare parts warehouse, training facilities, a
760-square-meter test weaving shop, and distribution and service facilities for specialist machine
construction.“With the new facility, we can provide really good service to customers in the Chinese
and East Asian markets,” said Egon Wirth, marketing communication manager. “The test weaving room
for rapier and airjet machines makes it easier for decision making for our customers.”

Left to right: Egon Wirth, Marketing Communication Manager, Lindauer Dornier GmbH; Linda H.M.
Lai, General Manager, Dornier Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.; Peter D. Dornier, Managing Director,
Lindauer Dornier GmbH; Franz Miesbauer, Dornier Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.The office in
Shanghai, which replaces the representation the company had in Beijing, has 15 employees now
engaged in both sales and technical capacities. However, Wirth expects the number to grow very
soon. “First, we want to see how it goes, but we expect the number of technical people to
increase,” he said. Wirth also noted that the local employees will be training with their European
peers to ensure that the service the company provides is the same everywhere around the world.

Spring 2004