Spinning Technology

Spinning Technology

Textile World Asia Special ReportSavio Unveils New TechnologySavio presents two brand-new
spinning innovations at ITMA 2003.This year’s ITMA, the International Exhibition of Textile
Machinery, to be held in Birmingham, England, has special significance in more ways than one for
Italy-based Savio S.p.A. In 1965, Savio founded Savio/GB. An agreement between Luciano Savio and
Ronnie Greenbank permitted Savio/GB to manufacture Savio machines in England under license. This
partnership accelerated the expansion of Savio not only in the United Kingdom, but also throughout
the British Commonwealth. For this reason, ITMA 2003 is not only an exhibition to Savio but also an
opportunity for the company to visit old friends.The exhibition also marks Savio’s unveiling of two
brand-new, never-before-seen technologies — the FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner and the LustreS/Direct
Mercerizing Machine. The company says each development represents an extraordinary step forward in
its particular sector.“We worked hard to develop the rotor-spinning frame of the third millennium
[FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo- Spinner] as the most advanced proposal for the entrepreneurs of this new
era,” said Daniele Pellissetti, order administrator director. “This spinning frame opens a new
chapter in the history of rotor spinning.“In addition, the location of ITMA 2003 — the cradle of
the textile industry — is the perfect location for the first presentation of a machine that carries
the baton handed over by the English chemist, John Mercer, inventor of the mercerizing process, who
lived in the mid-17th century,” Pellissetti said. “Savio took this baton and honors it by
presenting the LustreS/Direct Mercerizing Machine, the new Savio winder for continuous mercerizing.
A door opens in a sector that for more than a century and a half has been waiting for this new

Savio’s brand-new FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner is the company’s latest rotor spinning
machine.FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-SpinnerThe new Savio spinning system boasts lower investment levels
thanks to higher production capacities compared to those of conventional openend machines. These
higher capacities are attained through a high-performance spinning unit, together with what Savio
refers to as “intelligent, highly efficient and reliable” endpiecing trolleys.Savio says total
control of yarn winding conditions guarantees the production of packages with an even and variable
density. These desired characteristics are due to a system unhindered by any mechanical parts,
which can provide better yarn quality with a “certified package.”“The FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner
makes excellent packages to feed the weaving machines, with parameters the likes of which have
never been seen before,” said Pellissetti. “Take-up at variable density; centralized adjustments of
the counterweight; and friction, speed, twists, crosswinding angle, anti-patterning and tension are
all operations that can now be done by simply pressing a key on the computer on the spinning
manager’s desk. Flexibility is enhanced because yarn with different counts and parameters can be
spun on each front. Additionally, the intelligent trolleys go to the aid of the front requiring
more attention. Because both fronts can be used separately, lot change times are halved, and the
actual number of lots is minimized. Packages can be made up at extra-high density with a weight up
to 30 percent greater than what is possible with the conventional openend machines with the same
diameter. Besides a higher machine yield, the machine offers a reduced consumption of tubes,
reduced packing and shipping costs for the yarn produced, less yarn waste, as well as fewer package
changes on the warper and loom creels.”

Computer controls on the FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner make operations simple and
flexible.Extremely Easy To UseSavio also claims the FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner is clean, safe and
efficiently maintained. Working parameters are set quickly and easily with “clean hands.” Savio
states that by completely eliminating all geartype control units, machine operation is taken to
even higher safety levels. Each machine is automatically and constantly monitored, and can be
controlled on-line by the operator or spinning manager. Also, each maintenance job can be
programmed for each machine front, halving machine downtime costs, eliminating costs for controls
and consequently increasing the overall capacity of the spinning unit.

Savio says the FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner is clean, safe and efficiently maintained.LustreS
Direct Mercerizing“LustreS,” a name derived from the characteristic luster that describes a
mercerized yarn or fabric, is a process developed by Savio that concentrates all the separate
operations necessary to mercerize cotton yarn into a single machine. The idea for the machine was
born in Savio’s marketing and technical departments, and then was developed and implemented by the
company’s team of engineers. The LustreS treatment is continuous, starting with a creel holding 24
packages. Yarn from each package travels along the enhancing path and is finally collected in
single packages on Savio’s ORION winding heads. Each operation of the LustreS is automatically and
constantly monitored, and can be controlled on-line by the operator or mill manager.According to
the company, the automatic LustreS system allows the mercerizing cycle to be used by any spinning
mill for a very modest investment.“What’s more, besides the huge investment savings, the quality of
the yarn treated is extraordinary, far superior to the traditional quality obtained with the hank
cycle,” Pellissetti said. “The continuous Savio mercerizing treatment is regular and absolutely
even, while the hank process — due to the structure of the hank itself with cross-winding of the
yarn and its thickness — is irregular. So, at the dyeing level, the Savio yarn has no streaks, with
uniform luster in each area of the fabric.”Because the whole cycle is concentrated in just the one
machine, there are significant savings on maintenance costs, according to the company. Maintenance
is further facilitated by the machine’s monitoring and control system. Besides a reduction in
labor, the simplified, concentrated process and advanced technologies in the new machine offer
increased safety.“The development of the LustreS is something we at Savio feel will have a great
effect on the cotton sector and create possibilities for yarn manufacturers around the world” added

Fall 2003