ShanghaiTex 2003 Special

ShanghaiTex 2003

Textile World Asia Special ReportOn To ShanghaiTex …Once MoreAfter SARS forced organizers to
postpone ShanghaiTex to December, attendees and exhibitors now eagerly look forward to a successful

The Yangpu and Nanpu Bridges are symbols of today’s Shanghai.For those who had planned to
travel to Shanghai in June for ShanghaiTex, the 10th International Exhibition on Textile Industry,
fingers are crossed for a smooth showing in December. With widespread media coverage of the severe
acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak earlier this year, most people around the world were
decidedly wary about traveling to China. A mandate to cancel all public gatherings by the Shanghai
municipal government, not to mention a real possibility of low attendance and last-minute
cancellations by exhibitors, prompted Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., one of the show’s
organizers, to announce in April the postponement of the much anticipated show to December 10-13.As
the new dates approach, preparation for ShanghaiTex is in full swing. However, with the new
year-end dates, questions arise as to whether ShanghaiTex is scheduled too close to ITMA, the
international textile machinery show, which takes place in late October in England. Will the two
shows compete for attendees and exhibitors? Will companies have enough time to ship machinery from
one show to the other?Questions aside, initial numbers are promising. When TextileWorld Asia ran
its original ShanghaiTex preview in the Spring issue, there were fewer than 146 registered
exhibitors. As of press time for this article, the show’s website lists a total of 538 exhibitors,
which is much closer to the 1,000 mark Adsale claims this year’s show will draw. Moreover, several
companies — namely Switzerland- based Saurer AG and Rieter AG, and Germany-based Spindelfabrik
Suessen — have chosen to forgo ITMA in favor of ShanghaiTex.

Forty scenic spots adorn the classical Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai.China’s Attractive
OutlookAlthough Adsale did not respond to requests for information for this article, its website
does contain some numbers that suggest why show organizers and exhibitors have high hopes for this
year’s show.Adsale forecasts, by 2005, China’s textile industry’s total output will increase from
$800 billion to $1,100 billion, and exports of textile garments will increase from $48 billion to
more than $600 billion. Add these numbers to the fact that China remains one of the few economies
that is seeing double-digit growth amid the global slowdown, and the picture is clear that few
businesses can afford to ignore this country of 1 billion people. To the textile industry,
ShanghaiTex can prove to be the golden opportunity for Chinese buyers and international machinery
manufacturers to connect.

Shanghai SightsVisitors who have some extra time in Shanghai may want to take in some of the
famous sights that make Shanghai one of the most exciting cities in China to visit. The China
National Tourist Office recommends the following:Yuyuan GardenBuilt in the Ming and Qing styles,
Yuyuan Garden is the most famous classical garden in Shanghai. There are 40 scenic spots in the

Longhua TempleBuilt in the year 242, Longhua Temple is the oldest and largest temple in
Shanghai. It maintains the original features of the Song Dynasty’s Jialan Zan Sect seven-hall
design. In the temple are kept Buddhist scripture, gold seals and Buddhist statues of the Tang,
Five, Ming and Qing Dynasties.Temple Of The Jade BuddhaThe Yufo (Jade Buddha) Temple was built in
1882, but it still remains in perfect condition as a sanctuary of Zen Buddhism. The temple derived
its name from a jade statue of Sakyamuni from Myanmar.Nanjing RoadThe 3.1-mile-long Nanjing Road is
the busiest commercial center in Shanghai. More than 1 million people pass through it everyday. It
is an ideal place for shopping, dining and recreation.Yangpu And Nanpu BridgesThe 4.7-mile-long
Yangpu Bridge and the 5.1-mile-long Nanpu Bridge are both double cable-stayed long-span suspension
bridges. They are among the longest bridges in the world.The BundThe picturesque area along the
banks of the Huangpu River has long been the symbol of Shanghai.Oriental Pearl Television TowerThis
new landmark in Shanghai faces the Bund across the Huangpu River at Lujiazui. At 1,535 feet, it is
the tallest television tower in Asia. An elevator whisks visitors to the tower’s observation deck
at a height of 863 feet, where it offers the best panoramic view of Shanghai.Former Residence Of
Dr. Sun Yat-SenThe forerunner of China’s democratic revolution, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, and his wife,
Soong Ching-Ling, lived and worked here during the revolution from 1918 to 1924. Here, Sun met with
representatives of the Chinese Communist Party and brought about the first Nationalist- Communist
coalition in history.

ShanghaiTex Exhibitor Listings2D03 A. Monforts Textilmaschinen2N21 A.B. Carter (Far East)
Ltd.2H11 Accotex/Day International Inc.3T15 Acme Machinery Industry Co.1B02 Ad.Tech S.r.l.1K01
Albany International2E51-71 Alliance Machines Textiles2B61 American Textile Machinery Assoc.1P05
Ammex USA2D61 Amsler Tex AG3H15 Arel Far East Co.2L13 Argelich, Termes y Cia S.A.3J05 Arioli
S.p.A.1H51 Aroundstar International Co.1H05 Arratex S.r.l.3E51 Asia Kingdom Machinery IndustryTBC
Asselin NSC Nonwoven1D03 ATF2K71 Atlas Copco2H11 ATPG Textile Products Group2E33 Automation
Partners Inc.3M51 Avebe (Far East) Pte. Ltd.2J87 B&R Industrial AutomationInternational Trading
(Shanghai)2E41 Barco-Sedo2B05 Barmag AG1B51 Barudan ComputerizedMachinery (China) Co. Ltd.1B57
Barudan International China Ltd.3J59 BASF (China) Co. Ltd.3K59 Bayer International
Trading(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.2C81 Benninger Co. Ltd.3A13 Besa1F54 Betex1F01 Biancalani Textile
Machinery1K19 Bianco S.p.A.1B13 Biella Shrunk Process S.a.s.1K11 Biotti Card Clothing2L09 Blue Reed
S.L.2C06 Bobotex Hans Ladwig GmbH2J51-71 Bonas Machine Co. Ltd.1D11 Bonino Carding Machines3K51
Bozzetto (Ningbo) Chemicals2D69 Bräcker AG3P51 Brazzoli S.p.A.1E61 Bruckner TrockentechnikGmbH
& Co. KG2C93 Buser Print Systems Ltd.1J15 Busi Giovanni S.r.l.1f13 C.M.T. S.r.l.2E37 Caipo
Automazione Industriale2L55 Carbonell Borja S.L.2C83 Cavitec AG/Santex Nonwoven2K99 CCI Tech
Inc.1K05 Consorzio Export AltoMilanese Group1N20 Ceccato F.lli S.p.A.1M05 Central Textile Machine
Co. Ltd.1P25 Cesare Colosio S.p.A.3S02 Chang Lim Precision Co.3H07 Charn Tai Machinery Industry1E61
Chemtax Industrial Co. Ltd.3N55 Cheng Fu Machinery & Industry3B06 Cheong Jin TE.MA3C05 Chien
Lun Machinery Co. Ltd.3G57 Chieng Hsin Machinery Co. Ltd.2N21 Christoph Burckhardt AG3J51 Ciba
Specialty Chemicals(China) Ltd.1J11 Cibitex S.r.l.1F51 Cico Engineering Co. Ltd.1E01 Cimi
S.p.A.3M67 Clariant (China) Ltd.2K51 CNL Co.3M57 Coatema Coating Machinery1C07 Cognetex S.p.A.2M01
Coll-Loras S.A. – CosmotexColor Service2B73 Colorchem Co. Ltd.1G01 Comez S.p.A.1H05 ComoexportSpain
Compañía General deProyectos y OperacionesInternacionales S.L.2E51-71 Coneureg2L07 Consortium Of
TextileMachinery S.L. (COTEMA 4)1G05 Conti Complett S.p.A.3P51 Corghi S.p.A.3P51, 1F09 Corino
Macchine S.r.l.2E33 C-Port GmbH3J67 Crompton OSI Specialcties1N03 Crystec Industrial Ceramics1P40
D&S International Inc.1J67 Da Kong Enterprise Co. Ltd.3S41 Dae Han Knitting Needle Ind. Co.3Q03
Dae Hung Precision Co. Ltd.3Q03 Daehyuntech Co. Ltd.3A19 Daelim Satrlet Co. Ltd.3S19 Dainichiseika
Color &Chemicals Mfg. Co. Ltd.3K53 Datacolor Asia Pacific HK Ltd.1E61 Datatex AG2H11 Day
International Inc./Textile Products Co.2H11 Daytex/Day International Inc.2H05 Dearly Enterprise
Ltd.(agent for Gretag Macbeth)1P31 Deimo S.p.A.1F56 Dienes Apparatebau GmbH1J13 Ditta Michele Ratti
S.p.A.3Q05 Do You Machinery Co. Ltd.3S03 Docera Co. Ltd.2H61 Dong Hong Textile Co. Ltd.TBC Dongguan
SangiacomoMachinery Ltd.3B11 Dongwon Roll2B57 Dunline Rubber Products Co.3S11 Dynamic Trading
Co.3L59 Dystar Wuxi Colours Co. Ltd.3J02 Eastex Holdings Ltd.2E05 ECC Card Clothing Ltd.2E51-71 ECC
Platt S.A.2B06 Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik1G17 Effedue S.r.l.2H51 E-Hwa Co. Ltd.3Q01 Ehwha
Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd.1E61 Elbit Vision Systems Ltd.2M59 Electro-Jet S.A.2D59 Electrotex AG3H17
Eliar A.S. (Eliar Elektronik Sanayi A.S.)2E85 Eltex (UK) Ltd.1F53 Enka Tecnica GmbH1H05 Enrico
Locati & C SNC2A55-B1 Epco International (Hong Kong)2B61 Epic Enterprises Inc.1E61 Erbatech
GmbH2C04 Erhardt + Leimer GmbH2N21 Ernst Holz2L03 Exclusivas TE-PA S.A.1D05 F.I.R.S.T.1B10 F.O.R. –
A Division of Fincarde1B07 FA.NI. S.a.s.1J21 Fadis S.p.A.1A51 Falmac Machinery (Tiantin) Lyd.2P09
Fehrer AG1D09 Ferraro S.p.A.1K15 Fibercompositi S.r.l.1H21 Fimat S.r.l.1D07 Fimtextile1B10
Fincarde1E61 Flainox S.r.l.3Q55 Fleissner GmbH & Co.2L57 Flexifort S.L.3S31 Fly Machinery Co.
Ltd.3B51 Fong’s National Engineering Co.3B03 Fortune Corp.2P17 Fujiyoshi Trading Co. Ltd.3J01 Futai
Textile Machine (HK) Co.1H23 G. Colombo S.r.l.1G03 G. Mentasti S.a.s.2L05 Galan Textile Machinery
S.L.2N31 Gali Internacional S.A.1J01 Galvanin3M59 Genencor InternationalAsia Pacific Pte. Ltd.1J03
Giesse S.r.l.1K17 Gigliotti & Gualchieri S.p.A.1J57 Gin Hong Yu Hardware Corp.1H05 Giorgio
Giamminola & C. S.r.l.2E10 Global Textile Partner (GTP)3H21 Gofront Holding Ltd.2M51 Gomplast
S.A.2H07 Graf Cardservice Far East Ltd.2D51 Grob Horgen AG2B07 GTM Goller Textilmaschinen1G09
Gualchierani Textile Automation1E61 H. Stoll GmbH & Co.1G07 H.T.P. Unitex S.p.A.3Q51 Hagemann
Packaging1C53 Han Shin Knitting Machinery6B31 Hanayama Kogyo Co. Ltd.1N19 Hang Jie Xing PE Co.
Ltd.3T19 Hangzhou Cosun DigtalTechnology Co. Ltd.3F51 Hangzhou Honghua DigitalTechnology Stock Co.
Ltd.2D67 Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc.1F52 Heusch GmbH & Co. KG3M01 Hisaka Works Ltd.1N22
Hi-Tex3T03 Hocen Machinery Pte Ltd.2B53, 61 Hollingsworth2C05 Holthausen Maschinenbau1D51 Honda
Machinery Co. Ltd.3H07 Hsiang Fu Machinery Co. Ltd.3J14 Hsing Cheng Machinery Co. Ltd.3A05 Humantex
Machinery Inc.2B53, 61 HunterLab3H05 Hwang Shin Machinery Co. Ltd.3B07 Hyoil Trading Co. Ltd.Korea
Hyundae3B09 Hyundai Machinery Co. Ltd.3B01 Hyung Jae Precision Machinery2J03 ICEX – Spanish
Institutefor Foreign Trade1P11 Ichikawa (H.K.) Co. Ltd.2L61 Icomatex S.A.3L62 Idrosistem Energy
S.r.l.3F57 Igus Shanghai Co.3S39 Ik San Nozzle Co. Ltd.3A17 Il Shin Machinery Works1H17 Illies
Italia2B09 IMAG – Internationaler Messe -und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH3S11 Industrie Tessili
Bresciane S.p.A.2L67 Interlas Technology S.L.2B75 Introtech Ltd.2A51 Inventa-Fischer AGTBC Irmac
Tex S.r.l.2J51-71 Iro AB3G59 Isotex S.p.A.TBC Istituto Nazionale per ilCommercio Estero1B01 Italian
Association Of TextileMachinery Producers1B01 Italian Institute ForForeign Trade2P13 ITMA 2003
OrganizingCommittee2P23 Itochu Texmac Corp.2P11 Izumi International Co. Ltd.6A25 J&A Apply
Control Technology(Suzhou) Co. Ltd.Italy Jaeggli Meccanotessile S.r.l.1L01 Jakob Mueller AG2L65
Jaume Anglada Viñas3F67 Jebsen & Co. Ltd.3T24 Jiang Yin Bai Tian Machine Co.Taiwan Jiunn
Long2A51/2C02 K&E Co. Ltd.2J81 Kaeser Kompressoren Shanghai3H11 Kamitsu Seisakusho Ltd.2N23
Kanai Jyuo Kogyo Co. Ltd.1F51 Karl Mayer TextilmaschinenfabrikTBC Karl Menzel Maschinenfabrik1K51
Kauo Heng Precision MachineryIndustrial Co. Ltd.1P23 Kee Han Co. Ltd.1D57 Keen Fortune (China)
Ltd.2H13 KInex A.S.2N21 King March Development Ltd.3T05 Kinyosha (HK) Co. Ltd.3T01 Kluber
Lubrication (Shanghai)3R86 KMF InternationalTextilmaschinen AG3T21 KMS Colortech Service Co.
Ltd.2A04 Knotex Maschinenbau GmbH3A15 Korea Narrow Loom3S04 Korea Reed Co. Ltd.3A11 Korea TechKorea
Korea Technology3S37 Korea Textile Machinery Assoc.TBC Körting Hannover AG3K21 Kuans Micro-Auto Co.
Ltd.2P02 Kunshan Jufeng Machinery Mfg3G51 Kun-Yung Minute MachineryEnt. Co. Ltd.3K11 Kurabo
Industries Ltd.3B09 Kyungwon Machinery Co.1C13 L.G.L. Electronics S.p.A.3H01 Labortex Co. Ltd.2D53
Laesser AG3P51 Lafer S.p.A.1G19 Laip S.r.l.3L57 Lamberti Asia Pacific Ltd.2E51-71 LarocheItaly
Lawer S.p.A.2E47 Lawson-Hemphill Inc.3S23 Leader Printing Machinery Ltd.3K55 Lectra Systems
(Shanghai) Co.3B07 Leewha Industrial Co. Ltd.Italy Leopoldo Pozzi S.p.A.2P03 Libero Ltd.2A03
Lindauer Dornier GmbH3F21 LK & LH Co. Ltd.1J56 LKM Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd.2D65 Loepfe
Brothers Ltd.3C21 Logic Art Automation Co. Ltd.1F03 Lonati S.p.A.3P51 Loris Bellini S.p.A.2N10 LTG
Air Engineering Ltd. China1H65 Lucid Trading Co. Ltd.2F01 Luwa2E45 Macart Spinning Systems1B06
Macchine e Servizi S.r.l.3J11 Machine & Electricity Engineering-Manufacturer Co. Ltd.2C01
Mageba TextilmaschinenTBC Magetron S.r.l.3Q56 Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG1F11 Maino International2L59
Maquinaria Textil T.C. S.L.2N33 Margasa, Proyectors eIngenieria Textile S.L.Italy Mario Crosta2L59
Masias Maquinaria S.A.TBC Mat Di A. Bertoldi S.p.A.1E07 MatecTBC Mayer & Cie GmbH & Co.2M05
MCH S.A.Italy MCS Group(MCS & Termoelettronica)1M02 Mei International S.r.l.1P16
Memminger-Iro1F07 Mesdan S.p.A. (Kar MingIndustrial Supplies Co. Ltd.)Spain Metaltex S.A.L. –
INDTEX1G13 Michelagnoli Giuseppe & Figli S.r.l.1B12 Minox S.p.A.3S37 Modern Engineering Co.
Ltd.2N11 Moenus Textile Machinery Co.3B51 Monforts Fong’s TextileMachinery Co. Ltd.2B57 Morrison
Textile Machinery Co.2L51 Motocono S.A.2H59 Multilink Co. Ltd.2G01 Murata Machinery Ltd.2E51-71 N.
Schlumberger2N30 N.V. Sobelcard3S33 Namseo Precision Co. Ltd.1B52 Nan Sing Machinery Ltd.6A51 Naval
Overseas Pvt Ltd.2E43 NedGraphics Textile andApparel BVItaly Nesi & Pugi2H01, 02 Nettex Tech
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.2B05 Neumag GmbH & Co. KG2P19 Nichimen Corp.6B21 Nissen Corp.1H03 Noseda
S.r.l.3L65 Noveon (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.3J69 Novozymes Biotechnology Co.2D05 NSL Technologie
GmbH1K1-50 Nuova Cosmatex S.r.l.1C01 Nuova Marc Tex S.p.A.3P51 Nuova Saccardo S.A.R.LAccessori
Tessili1C03 Obem1B10 Octir – A Division of Fincarde1F05 Trinca1D01 Officine Bisio
S.a.s.TBC Officine Gaudino S.p.A.1F05 Officine Meccaniche Riva S.r.l.3K61 O’Laughlin Chemical Co.
Ltd.1J17 Omm Meccanotessil S.r.l.1B09 Ommi S.p.A.6A19 Opal Chemicals (China)Products Co. Ltd.1M07
Organ Needle (Shanghai) Co.1J07 Orintex S.r.l.Italy Orizio Paolo S.p.A.TBC Osaka Senken Ltd.2C87
Osec Business NetworkSwitzerlandTBC Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik2C07 Oskar Fischer GmbH3L61
Osthoff-Senge GmbH & Co. KG3T25 Pacific Special-Lube Ltd.Italy Pafasystem S.r.l.1D57 Pai Lung
Machinery Mill Co. Ltd.2M03 PannonTBC Panter S.r.l.3A61 Pantone Asia Inc.1P09 Paris Thread Co.
Ltd.2A02 Paul Heller GmbH & Co.TBC Pentek Textile Machinery3L51 Perfect Lion Industrial
Ltd.1H65 Perfecta Schmid AG2E81 Picanol NV3N59 Piscean Century Chemicals Pte.Italy Plantex3T21
Pleva GmbH2E31 Point Hope (Textile Machinery)TBC Pointcarré3A01 Poong Kwang Machine Co. Ltd.2C03
Positive Enterprises Services Ltd.2E01 Premier Polytronics Pvt. Ltd.1K09 Proel S.r.l.1C15 Promatech
S.p.A. (Itema Group)3L53 Protex International1D25 Protti Fashiontronix S.p.A.2B53, 61 Q-Panel Lab
Products2A55 R.B. Electronic & Engineering2L01 Ratera1J17 RattiItaly Reggiani Macchine
S.p.A.2A51 Reiners & Furst GmbH U Co.2D02 Reseda- Binder E.K.2F20 Rieter Textile Systems1H15
Rite S.p.A.3T31 Roaches International Ltd.2J51 Roj Electrotex S.r.l.2D55 Rotorcraft –
MaschinenfabrikAltstatten KG1N09 Rumi S.p.A.3B05 Ryucheon Co. Ltd.TBC S&J Corp.1G11 S.
Bigagli2B71 SafQ Equipment Services &Consultancy (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.1N05 Sakura Thread Co.
Ltd.1J19 Salmoiraghi S.p.A.Automatic Handling1P37 Sam Lung Embroidery ThreadFactory Ltd.3A09 Samill
Industrial Co. Ltd.3S35 Samsung Knitting Needle Co. Ltd.1E03 Sangiacomo S.p.A.1C09 Sant’Andrea
Novara S.p.A.2C83 Santex AG1E11 Santoni S.p.A.1G21 Saspe1M51 Sato & Co. Ltd.2B05 Saurer Czech
A.S.2B05 Saurer Hamel AG1C17 Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.1F57 Saxonia International1L01 SB
Breitenbach Maschinen AG1G23 Scaglia S.p.A.2A05 Schmeing GmbH & Co.2D05 Scholl-Then GmbH3J65
SDC Enterprises Ltd.3K01 Seiren Electronics Co. Ltd.1F09 Seit Elettronica S.r.l.3A01 Semyung
Electric Machinery2E03 Sentimann Co. Ltd./Slack & Parr Co. Ltd.1D53 Seo Kwang3S05 Seobu
Machinery Co. Ltd.2B08 Setex Schermuly TextileComputer GmbH3M21 Shanghai Cognis Oleochemicals1N35
Shanghai Ingersoll-RandCompressor Co. Ltd.3J53 Shanghai UCB SpecialityChemicals Co. Ltd.2P30
Shanghai Yizhong Machinery3T15 Shanghai Yung Tai InternationalTrading Co. Ltd.1M57 Shaoxing Jinda
Machinery Co.3Q07 Shin Kwang Machinery Co. Ltd.1G21 Siatex International S.p.A.2P01 Sincessta
International Corp. (N.Z.)2E20 Sino Techfull Co. Ltd.3P51 Sinoca Trading1B55 Sinotech Asia Ltd.1M03
Sirtres S.r.l.56 FALL/ 2003 TextileWorldAsia.comRieter will showcase its FTF 12 SDStexturing
machine. •FTF 12 SDSFALL/ 2003 571P01 Smart-Sox Inc.1A01 SMIT S.p.A.3M05 Soosan Precision Co.
Ltd.2E51-71 Sopromatex2J03 Spanish Textile Machinery Assoc.TBC Sperotto Rimar S.r.l.2E28
Spindelfabrik Neudorf GmbH2C06 Spindelfabrik SuessenKorea Ssang RyongKorea SsangYoung Machine Ind.
Co.2D57 SSM HacobaTBC Staedtler + Uhl KG1K53 Stateway Enterprise Co. Ltd.2C91 Stäubli AG1L99
Steiger S.A.2A51 Stork1P35 Sugiura Knitting Needle Mfg.2C95 Sultex Ltd.3B09 Sunborn Intl. Co.
Ltd.3Q05 Sung Chang Textile Machine3B03 Sung Moo Machinery2E51-71 Superba S.a.s.2D63 SWISSMEM1J15
T.M.T. Manenti S.r.l.Spain Tacome S.A.2H53 Tai-Ding Precision Machinery(Zhongshan) Co. Ltd.2H63
Taiwan Association ofMachinery Industry3P01 Taiwan Kiang Yhe Delicate Machine3L01 Tajima Machinery
(China) Co.1M53 Takemura International Co. Ltd.1N23 Tangsun International Ltd.2H71 Taya Machinery
Corp.2P40 Te Strake TextileItaly Technical & Textile Service SNCTBC Tecnologie Biologiche3G67
TecnoramaTBC Temafa Maschinenfabrik1F56 Temco TextilmaschinenkompnentenGmbH1G52 Terrot
Strickmaschinen GmbHTBC Tex.Bi.Ma Consortium2B04 Texparts GmbH1N01 Texson Machinery Co. Ltd.3B01
Textec Co. Ltd.2H01 Textechno Harbert SteinGmbH & Co. KG2B61 Textile World, Textiles
Panamericanos & Textile World AsiaTBC Thibeau NSC Fibre To YarnTBC Thibeau NSC Nonwoven2D01
Thies GmbH & Co. KG1J51 Tien Yang Knitting Machinery2J51 Titan-Deconinck2G01 TMT Machinery
Inc.3N51 Tonello S.r.l.1F01 Tong Geng Enterprise Co. Ltd.3H51 Tong Wu Precision MachineryTBC
Toscana Promozione – EconomicPromotion Agency of Tuscany1G19 Toscana Spazzole Industrial S.r.l.3J15
Toshin Kogyo Co. Ltd.2N21 Tosin Card Di Tosin G2F51/2G55 Toyota Industries Corp.2P21 Toyota Tsusho
Corp.2E41 Treepoint AG2C02 Truetzschler GmbH & Co. KG2G51 Tsudakoma Corp.2B51 Tube-Tex Global
Group3L21 Tung Shing Dyeing MachinesTaiwan Tung Yang2M57 Tve-Escale Europe S.A.2L53
Twistechnology1P29 Twistex3L63 U.D. Trading Co. Ltd.2E51-71 UCMTF6A11 Uni-Matic (Shanghai)
Enterprise1N31 Union Industry Co. Ltd.1H09 Unitech Textile Machinery S.p.A.3J63 United Pioneer Co.
Ltd.1E51 United Texmac Pte. Ltd.2B01 Universal StricksystemeVertriebs GmbH1P03 Uniwave Inc.2F01
Uster Technologies AGSpain Valentin Rius Clapers S.A.2J51-71 Van De WieleTBC Vanwyk Systems BVTBC
Vaupel TextilmaschinenTBC Viba SiatTBC W. Schlafhorst AG & Co.1N11 Wac Data Service Co.
Ltd.3L67 Wacker Chemicals Hong Kong3Q57 Weko Biel AG -Weitmann + Konrad2H15 Well Start
EnterprisesInternational Trading (Shanghai)2H55 Wellfirm1K58 Wellmade Enterprise Co. Ltd.2B57 West
Point Foundry & Machine2A01 Wetzel1N40 Willy Italiana1C57 Win Win Group MacauCommercial
Offshore Ltd.1C56 Win Win Industrial Co. Ltd.3S15 Wirth Graphic Technologies(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.2E31
Xetma Vollenweider AG2N01 Xorella AG2B77 X-Rite Asia Pacific Ltd.3E01 Yan Tu Co. Ltd.2E89 Yee Sang
Co.1M01 Yoshida Machinery Co. Ltd.3J11 Yungchi Machinery Co. Ltd.3K25 Zenith Color-Tech Corp.1L51
Zhang Jia Gang ShengmeeiMachine Co. Ltd.3J21 Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH2B05 Zinser Textilmaschinen
GmbHTBC Zonco Federico & Figlio S.p.A.3Q52 Zschimmer & SchwarzMohsdorf GmbH & Co.
KG2B03 ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH

Fall 2003