ITMA 2003 Special

ITMA 2003

Textile World Asia Special ReportITMA2003The 14th edition of ITMA, the international textile
machinery show, offers visitors a comprehensive look at the global textile industry.

The 2003 edition of ITMA, the international textile machinery show, will take place Oct.
22-29 at the National ExhibitionCentre (NEC) in Birmingham,England, marking the 14th edition of
this global event.Under the direction of the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers
(CEMATEX), ITMA has taken place every four years since 1951, when it occurred in Lille, France. The
2003 edition is the first time in the show’s 52-year history that it has been located in the United
Kingdom.As the largest textile machinery exhibition, ITMA will provide companies from all over the
world with more than 115,000 square meters of show floor space in which to showcase their products.
More than 1,350 exhibitors are expected from 44 countries, compared with 1,300 exhibitors from 39
countries at ITMA ‘99, held in Paris.Visitors to this year’s eight-day show will find exhibitors
divided into the following sectors: Colleges and Associated Services; Dyeing and Finishing;
Dyestuffs and Chemicals; Knitting; Making-Up; Nonwovens; Other Machinery; Publications; Recycling;
Software; Spinning; Testing; Transport Handling; and Weaving.

The National Exhibition Centre, where ITMA 2003 will be staged, is Europe’s busiest
convention center.First ITMA ForumThis year’s ITMA marks another first for the show — the inaugural
ITMA Forum, “New Frontiers in Textiles — Moving Markets & Strategic Innovations,” a three-day
conference that will take place Oct. 23-25. Two sessions of roundtable discussions with 28 textile
executives including Heinz Bachmann, president, Santex AG; Guillaume Sarkozy, president, Union des
Industries Textiles; and Geoff Hemingway, president, Cobble Blackburn Ltd., will be held each day.
Session topics include: “China: Global Domination, Strategic Alliances;” “Corporate Finance:
Raising Capital Project Investment;” “Skills Management: Employee Development, In-house Training;”
“Supply Chain Management: Speed, Flexibility and Reliability, Collaboration and Adaptation;”
“Technical Textiles: Product Diversification, Market Opportunities;” and “Trade Development:
Bilateral Agreements, Preferential Zones.”Advance questions to forum speakers may be posted on-line

ITMA 2003 takes place in Birmingham, the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturingcenter, in
October.Birmingham After DarkA number of after-hours activities will be available to ITMA
attendees. Christina Aguilera will perform at the NEC Saturday, Oct. 25, at 7:30 p.m. Mariah Carey
will perform at the NEC on Tuesday, Oct. 28, at 8:00 p.m. Birmingham also offers a symphony hall
and a number of theaters, bars and clubs. More than 500 restaurants in the city provide a variety
of culinary delights, and the Mailbox and Summer Row developments offer visitors to the city a
multitude of shopping options. For those who prefer a more quite setting, Birmingham boasts a
larger canal network than Venice, providing the perfect opportunity for evening strolls.

Country RepresentationA number of textile industry associations representing major
textile-manufacturing countries around the world will have a presence at ITMA. As of press time,
specific hall and stand information is not available. However, according to show organizers, the
associations will be part of the Global Village, which will be staged in Hall 3. The following is a
partial list of the associations that will participate.• American Textile Machinery Association
(ATMA)• European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX)Member
AssociationsAsociación Española de Constructores de Maquinaria Textil (AMTEX), SpainAssociazione
Costruttori Italiani di Macchinario per l’Industria Tessile (ACIMIT), ItalyBritish Textile
Machinery Association (BTMA), U.K.Groep Textielmachines (GTM), The NetherlandsSwissmem Textile
Machinery Division, SwitzerlandSyndicat des Constructeurs Belges de Machines Textiles (SYMATEX),
BelgiumTextile Machinery Association of Sweden (TMAS), SwedenUnion des Constructeurs de Matérial
Textile de France (UCMTF), FranceVDMA Fachverband Textilmaschinen, Germany• Japan Textile Machinery
Association (JTMA)

The following is a partial list of this year’s ITMA exhibitors and products they will have on
display. The listing was compiled from information on ITMA’s website and companies’ responses to a
questionnaire Textile World sent out. The information is accurate as of press time.Argelich, Termes
y Cia (ATYC) S.A.Hall 20, Stand DF20-9BATYC, Spain, will showcase the Rapidstretch RS-2 CCI
horizontal jet machine for dyeing fabrics in rope form; Technodye HT-2 CCI, HT-4 CCI + TP1 vertical
jet machines; and the Technodye HT-Junior for small batches. For dyeing yarn in cone or bobbin
form, ATYC will feature the Superflux 4V CCI with Rapid System. Primary stand contact: Jordi
Argelich.Arioli S.p.A.Hall 20, Stand DF20-14AArioli, Italy, will feature its new steam ager type
2003, open-width washing machines and high-performance dryers.BASF AGHall 8, Stand DC8-7ABASF,
Germany, will offer the new Ecofit pretreatment system, dyexact XP polyester dyeing system,
Lurapret® textile coating products, Helizarin® Soft system, Ultraphor® TC liquid, Lutexal® DE ECO,
as well as new finishing systems, and information on BASF’s Helizarin and Bafixan® ink range, and
eco-efficiency analysis. Primary stand contact: Mike Freche.Loris Bellini S.p.A.ItalyHall 17, Stand
DF17-3ABenninger Co. Ltd.Hall 20, Stand DF20-15AHall 9, Stand W9-7ABenninger, Switzerland, will
exhibit the Ben Matic II, Sizebox TKV and Trikoflex pretreatment equipment; the Bicoflex padder,
which can be used as either a dyeing padder or as finishing equipment; and the Combi Steamer for
washing or steaming. Primary stand contact: M. Peter.

Bennigner will show its TKV module for weaving preparation.BiancalaniHall 7, Stand
DF7-7ABiancalani, Italy, will have on hand the Spyra® Compact continuous/discontinuous tumbler for
drying, softening and compacting fabrics in rope form; and the AIRO® softening, washing and drying
unit for woven and knitted fabrics. Primary stand contact: Rossano Biancalani.Brazzoli S.p.A.
ItalyHall 7, Stand DF7-5BBrückner GmbH & Co.Hall 20, Stand DF20-12ABrückner, Germany, will
offer the Opti-Shrink modular compressive shrinking range, new Power-Line tenter, new Opti-Compact
soft compacting calender, and new Color-Therm hot flue concept. Primary stand contact: Petra
Lehner.Cavitec AGHall 4, Stand NW4-8ACavitec, Switzerland, a member of the Santex Group, will
introduce the Caviflex modular hotmelt coating machine.Cognetex S.p.A.Hall 1, Stand
SP1-16ACognetex, Italy, a member of the Finlane Group, will showcase a variety of products,
including the IDEA-E-73L COM4WOOL® Compact Ring-Spinning Frame with electronic head-stock, and the
new touch-screen Finlane Dialoguer™ machine now fitted on all Finlane products. Primary stand
contact: Alessandra Bronzini.Comet S.p.A. (Unitech)ItalyHall 6, Stand DF6-5AComez S.p.A.Hall 5,
Stand OM5-20AComez, Italy, will show its line of crochet machines, needle looms, accessory
machinery for the passementerie sector, and software programs.

Comez will display the Comeztronic CT-16B crochet machine.Cubotex S.r.l.Hall 18, Stand
DF18-8BCubotex, Italy, will present the trO 1400/1600 package bleaching and dyeing machine; the
AMRE 50P/AS 700A cabinet bleaching and dyeing machine with air cushion; and the new PMT 250HP drum
dyeing, bleaching and centrifuging machine for delicate garments. The Rotolab 30 trCC laboratory
drum dyeing machine also will be on display. Primary stand contact: Piergiovanni Bolzoni.Datatex
AGHall 9, Stand S9-9CDatatex, Switzerland, will highlight its Textile Integrated Management (TIM)
solution for textile and apparel businesses.Dell’Orco & Villani S.a.s. Hall 4, Stand
NW4-12BDell’Orco & Villani, Italy, will exhibit weigh pan blending systems and Dynamix
continuous blending systems. Primary stand contact: Sergio Dell’Orco.Lindauer Dornier GmbHHall 12,
Stand W12-4ALindauer Dornier, Germany, will introduce a variety of innovations including thetype AS
air-jet weaving machine, ServoTerry air-jet weaving machine, a wide air-jet weaving machine with
EasyLeno technology for polypropylene carpet backing production, a patented contact-free magnetic
mounting for reducing overall fabric load during continuous processing, and the EcoSqueeze circular
squeezing machine. All air-jet weaving machines on display will run with the ServoControl™ pressure
regulation system, and will be fitted with the AirGuide™ air cushion guide. Information on
Dornier’s CAN Bus and VGA color display, both of which support internal and external control,
regulation and monitoring processes on air-jet and rapier machines, will be available.Elbit Vision
Systems Ltd.Hall 5, Stand T5-26BEVS, Israel, will have information available on its range of
textile testing and measuring equipment, and inspecting machines. Primary stand contact: Ken
Chen.Electro-Jet S.A.Hall 3, Stand SP3-7AElectro-Jet, Spain, will offer its traveling cleaners,
bobbin cones and automatic transport systems; Rovematic ADR roving frame, palletizing machines and
automatic packing lines; as well as automatic sets to clean, classify and lay spinning tubes.
Primary stand contact: Jerry Perry.Fehrer AGHall 4, Stand SP4-3CFehrer, Austria, will show its
latest machinery developments, including fully operational needlepunching machines and DREF
frictionspinning machines. Primary stand contact: Alois Öllinger.Fimtextile ItalyHall 12, Stand
W12-3EOskar Fischer GmbHHall 9, Stand W9-6COskar Fischer, Germany, will display the new PU-JET
tying machine for denim, FA-DK tying machine for multifilament, LS dropper pinning machine, and WBE
reed drawing-in machine for double reeds. Primary stand contact: Hans Haegele.Flainox S.r.l. Hall
19, Stand DF19-14A Flainox, Italy, will exhibit the Piroga high-temperature machine for rope
dyeing, and the NRP/HT type rotary machine for high-temperature dyeing and centrifugation of
ready-made garments. Primary stand contact: Valerio Zaffalon.

Fleissner will showcase the AquaJet-Spunlace system for hydro entanglement of
nonwovens.Fleissner GmbH & Co.Hall 4, Stand NW4-3AFleissner, Germany, will show the
AquaJet-Spunlace system for hydro entanglement of nonwovens, throughair dryers and other
high-performance lines for nonwovens; man-made fiber production lines for spinning, can-laying,
washing, finishing, drawing, heating, heat-setting, drying, crimping, plaiting, cutting, dyeing,
winding and baling; a wool program for raw wool scouring and shrinkproof finishing; the RT
thermosol dyeing line and Rotoswing tumbler for woven and knitted goods; and machines for dyeing,
washing, heat-setting and drying tufted carpets. Primary stand contact: Sascha Berck.Fong’s
National Engineering Co. Ltd.Hall 17, Stand DF17-7AFong’s, Hong Kong, will exhibit the ECO-6, ECO-8
and ECO-38 dyeing machines; the SCN24A-PR compactor; and the Allfit batch-dyeing machine.Fukahama
Machinery Co. Ltd.Hall 5, Stand K5-40JFukahama, Taiwan, will highlight its high-production
computerized, body-size ribknitting machine, and vertical wrap single-jersey mini-jacquard knitting
machine. Primary stand contact: York Chen.Galan Textile MachineryHall 3, Stand SP3-15BGalan, Spain,
will exhibit its new MULTI modular ring twister featuring 100-percent independent modules,
independent spindle twist, direct spindle drive, electronic module ring holder, simple extension,
and auto-doffing system.Genkinger Hebe-und FordertechnikHall 9, Stand W9-6AGenkinger, Germany, will
present the EE-KHHR high-lift truck for mounting upper beams, the EE-KHUR or GEV double-warp type
QSC, and the EE-DKHUM multi-purpose truck for warp beam and batch transport. Primary stand contact:
Joerg Hiller.

Genkinger will display its line of material handling equipment.Gold Hsing Industrial Co.
Inc.Hall 5, Stand OM5-12CGold Hsing, Taiwan, will exhibit its line of rubber aprons and cots, as
well as other parts for textile machines. Primary stand contact: Richard Chuang.Willy Grob Ltd.Hall
11, Stand W11-8BWilly Grob, Switzerland, will present the KAST 197 warp let-off control system, ST
210 Big Batching Unit with WIST 194 winding control, selvage draw-off device, and Solex electronic
warp let-off for ribbon weaving mills, among other products. Primary stand contact: Vincent
Altmann.Groz-Beckert KGHall 4, Stand NW4-4FHall 5, Stand K5-12AGroz-Beckert, Germany, will show its
felting and tufting needles for nonwovens; as well as knitting, spring beard and sewing machine
needles.Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc.Hall 2, Stand SP2-15BHeberlein, Switzerland, will feature
the HemaJet® A series for microfilament yarn processing; the AirSplicer V- 17 for technical
applications and texturing; the SlideJet™- 2, a new HemaJet housing for the Taslan® air-jet
texturing process; DetorqueJets for online detwisting during falsetwist texturizing; a variety of
air-interlacer jets for spinning; Lufan® yarn-lacing devices; and, in cooperation with Karl Mayer
GmbH, Germany, the TwistJet® integrated texturing unit with MultiJet™ interlacing. Primary stand
contact:Andreas Weber.Heliot InternationalHall 7, Stand DF7-4CHeliot, France, will showcase the HC
1000/9000 GL open-width compacting units, the Rollset thermosetting unit, and the new D700
Obermaier dryer. Primary stand contacts: E. Piton, J. Carriere and G. Estoblier.Heusch GmbH &
Co. GermanyHall 6, Stand DF6-17AHuitong Polyester Technique Co. Ltd.Hall 2, Stand SP2-4CHuitong,
China, will show production lines for manmade fibers and spinning frames. Primary stand contact:
Sun Jin.Inventa-Fischer GmbH & Co. KGHall 2, Stand SP2-16CInventa-Fischer, Germany, will
display elastic fiber meltspun technology based on its newly developed spinning equipment. Primary
stand contact: Mr. Janzen.Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co.Hall 2, Stand SP2-13BKanai Juyo, Japan, will
introduce Centurymat rings for compact yarn and highspeed, fine-count spinning; as well as a
variety of other rings, travelers, metallic card clothing and top flats. Primary stand contact:
Setsuo Banba.Keisokki Kogyo Co.Hall 5, Stand T5-19FKeisokki Kogyo, Japan, will feature the LST-III
Laserspot hairiness diameter tester and NATI neps and trash indicator. Primary stand contact: K.
Okuda.Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbHGermanyHall 5, Stand K5-15BEduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik
GmbH & Co.Hall 20, Stand DF20-13AEduard Küsters, Germany, will exhibit continuous finishing
solutions; products for washing, dyeing, applying and dosing; ContiDos dosing modules; InstaColor
and RapidBatch for Küsters’ carpet plant program; S-Roll padder Swimming Rolls™; the HyCon-L
calendering system; new developments in nonwovens finishing, including laminating, embossing,
perforating, dewatering after the Spunlace process, calibrating and impregnating. Information on
Küsters’ service solutions will also be on hand.L.G.L. ElectronicsHall 5, Stand K5-17EHall 9, Stand
W9-14CL.G.L., Italy, will showcase the new Techno Feeder premeasuring winder. Primary stand
contact: Motterlini Giulio.

Lafer will display the Microsand system for wovens.Lafer S.p.A.Hall 17, Stand DF17-4ALafer,
Italy, will offer its latest developments for peaching, including the UltraSoft with abrasive
brushes for knits, and the Microsand with diamond-like Carbosint emery for wovens; a double-drum
raising machine with new features for knits and wovens; a new single-head shearing machine for
knits, and twin-cut version for wovens; the KSB open-width compacting machine, and the new Aliante
magnetic expander for tubular compacting; as well as new finishing solutions for processing
cellulose-based fabrics with liquid ammonia for softer handle and anti-crease properties.Laip
S.r.l.ItalyHall 19, Stand DF19-7CLaroche S.A.Hall 4, Stand NW4-8BLaroche, France, will display a
textile waste recycling system for open-end spinning and nonwovens, an airlaying machine for
nonwoven mats, an opening and blending line with continuous weighing control, NAPCO technology
developments, the Hermann Process — a compact line for semi-cured resinated moldable felts, and the
Minitrim HSP high-speed edge-trim opener.Lawer S.p.A.ItalyHall 6, Stand DF6-8BLoepfe Brothers
Ltd.SwitzerlandHall 1, Stand SP1-13ELuwaHall 3A, Stand SP3A-8ALuwa, a division of Zellweger Luwa
AG, Switzerland, will exhibit its Unitary System, a compact air-handling unit for small air volumes
and high specific heat load; Automatic Panel Filters for spinning and weaving; and the
SpinTravClean® and LoomTravClean® traveling cleaners for spinning and weaving, respectively.
Primary stand contact: Peter Maritz.MAGEBA Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. OHGHall 10, Stand
W10-5CMAGEBA, Germany, will showcase its range of warping machines, weaving machines, dyeing
ranges, measuring and winding equipment, festooning machines and edge-layering machines. Primary
stand contact: Hans-Peter Stang.

Mageba will display a range of dyeing machines, including this dual-end, high-temperature
model.Maibo S.r.l.Hall 20, Stand DF20-8BMaibo, Italy, and partner Obem S.p.A., Italy, will display
the CNM automatic loading/unloading shuttle, TMBP/8 spray dyeing machine, API/0/20 package dyeing
system, CNRP/10C robotized shuttle for packages, MBC 350 hankdyeing machine, Medusa/3 system for
delicate fabric dyeing in rope form, VFV 300/150 steaming autoclave, and package-holding basket for
vertical machines. Primary stand contact: P. Barchietto.Marzoli S.p.A. Hall 1, Stand
SP1-16BMarzoli, Italy, will debut its C601 card, among other technologies.Mayer & Cie.Hall 5,
Stand K5-30DMayer & Cie., Germany, will offer a variety of circular knitting machines,
including the Relanit 4.0 single jersey, FV 2.0 S double jersey, MV 4- 3.2 II with height-reduced
frame, OV 3.2 Quick Change (QC), MPU 0.8 EE jacquard plush machine with electronic needle and
sinker selection, OVJA 1.1 EEtr double jersey, as well as a range of accessories.Karl Mayer
Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbHHall 11, Stand W11-5BKarl Mayer, Germany, will display the latest version
of its direct beaming machine for spun yarn processing and a redesigned sample warping machine. For
technical textiles, Karl Mayer offers a new biaxial machine, the RS3-MSUS-V for processing thick
yarns; the HKS2-MSUS with new weft insertion system; and a modified Kunit/Multiknit machine.
Information also will be available on new sizing and assembly technology, and the use of
electronics-integrated automation on all Karl Mayer machines. Primary stand contact: Mr.
Schobesberger.MCS Dyeing And Finishing MachineryHall 18, Stand DF18-10AMCS, Italy, will exhibit its
line of high-temperature Comby Jiggers, Multiflow® high-temperature machines with circular or
horizontal deposits, Ecoturbo beamdye machines, and AirJet high-temperature dye machines with air
transportation of fabric and circular deposit. Primary stand contact: Francesco Pilenga.A. Monforts
Textilmaschinen GmbHHall 18, Stand DF18-6AA. Monforts, Germany, will introduce a variety of new
products and solutions including: the Montex 6000 tenter for woven and knitted fabrics; Thermex
6500 Hotflue unit; Toptex 7000 compressive shrinking machine; DynAir 6000 relaxation system; and
Koenig ionization unit. Other technologies to be highlighted include new Qualitex programmable
logic controller (PLC)-controls, heat recovery and exhaust-air purification systems, denim
concepts, teleservice facilities, and software for launching parts supply via the Internet. Primary
stand contact: Klaus A. Heinrichs.Monti AntonioItalyHall 20, Stand DF20-4BJakob Müller AGHall 10,
Stand W10-7AJakob Müller, Switzerland, will exhibit its narrow fabric weaving machine, narrow
fabric knitting machine for fancy yarns, and label production novelties. Primary stand contact: E.
Strebel.Murata Machinery Ltd. Hall 3A, Stand SP3A-11AMurata, Japan, will exhibit the Murata Vortex
Spinner and the No. 21C Process Coner.Nowo Textile MachineryHall 4, Stand NW4-9ENowo, Finland, will
exhibit the Nowo Q, a new synchronized quilting line designed for every stage of the quilting
process including a bale opener, volumetric feeding device and SmartCard™.NSC GroupFranceHall 4,
Stand SP4-3BThe Nonwoven Division, comprised of Asselin and Thibeau, will launch the CA12 and CA14
carding machines, designed for a wide range of products at a speed of 400 kilograms per hour per
meter. The recently introduced Ouat!sys® patented system for condensing card webs while maintaining
line production speed also will be shown. The Ouat!sys can be retrofitted onto existing Asselin
Profile and Dynamic crosslappers. The Fibre to Yarn Division, comprised of N. Schlumberger &
Cie and Thibeau, will feature its longfiber processing lines including the new model CA 7 card from
Thibeau and a brandnew combing machine from Schlumberger. Other products on display will include
stretch breakers, chain gills, blender defelters, the FMV 40 vertical rubbing frame, and CF 50 and
CF 60 ring-spinning frames. The NSC Services Division will have information about its consultancy
and engineering services, including new “kit” products and diagnosis services for the NSC Group.

NSC Group’s CA14 carding machine will be on display.O.M.M. Meccanotessile S.r.l.Hall 3, Stand
SP3-19AO.M.M., Italy, will exhibit its new R-Type covering machine and new BVE-R spooling machine
for flanged spools with constant tension take-up.Obem S.p.A.Hall 20, Stand DF20-8AObem, Italy, and
partner Maibo S.r.l. will display the CNM automatic loading/ unloading shuttle, TMBP/8 spray-dyeing
machine, API/0/20 package-dyeing system, CNRP/10C robotized shuttle for packages, MBC 350
hank-dyeing machine, Medusa/3 system for delicate fabric dyeing in rope form, VFV 300/150 steaming
autoclave, and package-holding basket for vertical machines. Primary stand contact: P. Barchietto.

Obem will show a range of dyeing machines, including the TMB model.Orizio Paolo S.p.A.Hall 5,
Stand K5-32AOrizio Paolo, Italy, will showcase its latest products. Primary stand contact:
Raffaella Romcelli.Picanol NVHall 9, Stand W9-13APicanol, Belgium, will offer its range of GamMax
rapiers, OMNIplus air-jet weaving machines, TERRYplus air-jet weaving machines with Stäubli
jacquard, and new Loomgate weave room management software.PromatechHall 12, Stand W12-6APromatech,
Italy, a member of the Itema Group, will introduce the Leonardo Silver loom and two new Mythos
air-jet looms. Promatech also will display the Alpha 3200 with jacquard for upholstery and the
Alpha 2200 dobby for high-fashion fancy woolen fabric; and will promote its Loomp@rtner Web-based
service system.

The Leonardo Silver loom will be on display at Promatech’s booth.Protechna Herbst GmbH &
Co. KGHall 5, Stand K5-16AProtechna Herbst, Germany, will show a variety of detectors, scanners,
monitors and software for warp knitting and raschel machines; warping and sizing machines; and
circular knitting machines, including the Scanner 5390.Rosink GmbH & Co. MaschinenfabrikHall 3,
Stand SP3-12ARosink, Germany, will exhibit a quad can changer/coiler, drafting unit with
autoleveling, service machinery for roller and card clothing workshop, and stainless steel rollers.
Primary stand contact: Martin Schoolkate.San Grato Italy Hall 3, Stand SP3-4FSant’Andrea Novara
S.p.A.Hall 1, Stand SP1-16ASant’Andrea Novara, Italy, a member of the Finlane Group, will showcase
a variety of products including the Millennium Rectilinear Combing Machine; the RF5 Double Rubbing
Vertical Finisher; and the new touch-screen Finlane Dialoguer™ machine now fitted on all Finlane
products. Primary stand contact: Alessandra Bronzini.Santex AGHall 6, Stand DF6-10BSantex,
Switzerland, a member of the Santex Group, will introduce the Santaspread-TS steaming, compacting
and calendering machine for knitwear in tubular form; Santabrush machine for surface finish of
open-width knitted fabrics; and Universa machine for steaming, conditioning and volume development
of open-width knitwear. Santex will also show the Santashrink Jumbo for tensionless shrinkage and
relaxation drying of tubular knitted fabrics; Santacompact steaming, compacting and calendering
machine for open-width knitwear; Santastretch-Plus for the dehydration, impregnation and wet
compacting of knitwear in tubular form; and Nova solvent-washing machine for cleaning and
pre-washing of knitwear in tubular and open-width form for man-made fibers and blends.Santex
NonwovensHall 4, Stand NW4-8ASantex Nonwovens, Switzerland, a member of the Santex Group, will
highlight the Santex Wavemaker vertical lapping machine for nonwoven webs.Santoni S.p.A.Hall 5,
Stand K5-31ASantoni, Italy, will exhibit single-cylinder and doublecylinder knitting machines.Savio
Macchine Tessili S.p.A.ItalyHall 2, Stand SP2-1AScholl-ThenHall 18, Stand DF18-4CScholl-Then,
formed through the merger between Scholl AG, Switzerland, and Then GmbH, Germany, will exhibit for
the first time at this year’s ITMA. The group will show the Intensity Midi Flex conventional
jet-dyeing machine; Rapidstar modular, open-end piece-dyeing system; Airflow AFE aerodynamic dyeing
system with Gutel technology; Dynet control system; CKM product range for automatic transport and
metering of dyestuffs and chemicals; CKM dye kitchen; Comat yarn-dyeing series; and Hydroc
single-spindle centrifuge for yarn dehydration.Sclavos InternationalHall 19, Stand DF19-13CSclavos,
Greece, will showcase its new Athenà™ HT machine with built-in Wisdom® technology. The new machine
can process any type and quality of knitted or woven fabrics; and the new technology ensures the
dyeing requirements of lighter fabrics, and synthetics and synthetic blends with Lycra™.Shanghai
Nanshi Foreign Economic Cooperation & Trading Co. Ltd.Hall 10, Stand W10-6DShanghai Nanshi,
China, will show top rollers, nickel rotary screens, rapier grippers and rapier tapes, drive
wheels, cutters, clutches, guides, subnozzles, solenoid valves, cams, rubber cots and aprons,
reeds, flat heddles and droppers, and heddle frames, among other items. Primary stand contact:
Chengu Sheng.SMIT S.p.A.Hall 10, Stand W10-2DSMIT (formerly Sulzer Tessile), Italy, will
demonstrate the following: a 1.9- meter-wide gripper weaving machine for apparel such as silk ties;
a 2.0-meter-wide air-jet weaving machine for apparel such as elastic fabric; a 2.3-meter-wide
gripper weaving machine for technical fabrics such as air bags; a 3.6-meter-wide gripper weaving
machine for home textiles such as curtains; and a 2.6-meter-wide gripper weaving machine for terry
fabric. The latest versions of the G6300 and G6300F weaving machines also will be on
display.Sperotto Rimar S.r.l.Hall 6, Stand DF6-10CSperotto Rimar, Italy, a member of the Santex
Group, will showcase the Decofast Ultrafinish continuous decatizing machine and Flexa Compact
sanforizing machine for woven fabrics. It will also show the Universa continuous steaming and
shrinking machine, and Nova solvent scouring machine for woven and warp-knitted fabrics. Primary
stand contact: Antonio Staffoni.Stäubli AGHall 12, Stand W12-11AStäubli, Switzerland, will showcase
a variety of machines from its Shedding Machines Division, including jacquard machines, harnesses
and acessories for jacquard weaving, cam motion and dobby machines, and dobby weaving accessories.
The Weaving Preparation Systems Division will display automatic warp drawing-in and tying machines,
as well as handling equipment. The Carpet Weaving Machines Division also will have products on
display, and Burcklé’s harness frames will be shown at the Stäubli stand.Stork Prints BVHall 17,
Stand DF17-6AStork, The Netherlands, will mark its 40th anniversary at this year’s ITMA with four
daily presentations. Stork will introduce the ecoLEN laser engraving machine and RD 8 rotary
printing machine. The company also will display the HSC 103 hotmelt screen coating machine, IPS
epsilon dispensing system, and U See® digital textile printing standard.Sultex Ltd.Hall 12, Stand
W12-6BSultex, Switzerland, a member of the Itema Group, will exhibit the P7300 projectile weaving
machine, G6200E rapier weaving machine, L5400 air-jet weaving machine, L9400 air-jet weaving
machine, and M8300 multi-phase weaving machine. Sultex also will provide information on its
Customized Weaving Technology for individual weaving solutions.

Sultex will have the M8300 multi-phase weaving machine on display.Sunwoo Textile AutoHall 5,
Stand K5-14ESunwoo, Korea, will showcase its elastic Lycra® warper, splitting warper and splitting
machine, and tricot warper. Primary stand contact: Young-Gil Sunwoo.Superba S.A.Hall 2, Stand
SP2-3ASuperba, France, will display the TVP3 yarn heat-setter without steam, the B401-BH401 winder,
the HEP yarn steamer, AHD handling device and MF3 friezing machine for carpet yarns; the Multi
color dyeing machine (MCD); and the UNIVAP yarn steamer for knitting yarns. Primary stand contact:
J.P. Ummenhover.Tecnorama S.r.l.Hall 6, Stand DF6-15BTecnorama, Italy, will offer its dispensing
machine for laboratory and production applications, and Dose Dye® fully automatic systems for
laboratory and small production. Primary stand contact: Mario Scatizzi.Termoelettronica ItalyHall
18, Stand DF18-10DPrimary stand contact: Francesco Pilenga.Texima S.A. BrazilHall 7, Stand
DF7-1ATextile World,Textiles Panamericanos,Textile World AsiaUSAHall 19, Stand P19-15BThies GmbH
GermanyHall 8, Stand DF8-10ATrützschler GmbHHall 2, Stand SP2-5ATrützschler, Germany, will unveil a
new high-production card.U.T.I.T. Wagner Automazioni S.p.A.Hall 2, Stand SP2-10BU.T.I.T., Italy,
will show a new roving bobbin stripper and the Snake Cone collecting circuit for package handling
systems. Primary stand contact: Giovanni Vaccari.

Van de Wiele will exhibit its latest velvet weaving machines, including the Vtr model.NV
Michel Van de WieleHall 9, Stand W9-11AMichel Van de Wiele, Belgium, will unveil the Carpet &
Rug eXplorer CRX82 carpet weaving machine. The Universal Cut and Loop UCL83 rapier weaving machine
will be demonstrated; as will the Master in Axminster MAX63 carpet weaving machine; and Velvet
Tronic velvet weaving machines, including the Vtr23 dobby version and Vtr33 jacquard version.
We@velinkproduction and planning software for central weaving machine management also will be
demonstrated.Xetma GroupHall 19, Stands DF19-14F and DF19-14GThe Xetma Group, comprising Xetma
Gematex GmbH, Germany, and Xetma Vollenweider AG, Switzerland, will display its polishing shearing
machine; multisystem machine for napping, sanding, brush-sueding and combinations; and indirect
singeing machine. Primary stand contact: Karsten Heinz.Xorella AGHall 1, Stand SP1-17CXorella,
Switzerland, will introduce the Contexxor® Plus steaming and conditioning system featuring the new
Fox controller and an improved energy- saving system, Eco Plus. In addition, Xorella will
demonstrate the Mini-Contexxor laboratory unit for development and research purposes.Zimmer
AGGermanyHall 3, Stand SP3-9A

October 2003