Santex Group Sells Santashrink Machines To Gain Lucky (Vietnam)

Switzerland-based Santex Group reports it sold six Santashrink drying machines to Vietnam-based Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Ltd. — a producer of knitted fabric and apparel, and a subsidiary of China-based Ningbo Shenzhou Group. The six machines will be installed in batches until the delivery is complete in mid-July. Gain Lucky previously purchased four Santashrink machines from Santex.

All the purchased machines were manufactured by Santex’s subsidiary in China, Santex (Shanghai) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. According to Santex, the Santashrink is suitable for providing shrinkage, relaxation and tensionless drying of tubular or open-width knitted fabrics.

Knitted fabric producer Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Ltd. uses Santashrink drying machines manufactured by Santex Group company Santex (Shanghai) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.


April/May/June 2015