Datatex Announces Sales And Revenue Results Of Its Now Erp Software Solutions For The Textile Carpet And Apparel Market

MILAN, Italy — April 9, 2015 — Datatex has announced 2014 sales and revenues results of its NOW ERP Software solutions for the textile carpet and apparel market.

2014 has been a record year for the NOW product with package sales more than double from the previous year and total revenue increasing by more than 25 percent.

New sales have been made in Turkey, India, Italy, China, Lesotho, Russia, UK, South Africa and the United States.

Many of our TIM customers still running on the I series IBM platform are seriously considering implementing our new generation web based solution where remarkable progress has been made in the areas of planning, scheduling, production control and costing. With the new NOW product which is totally written using the java enterprise universal standards Datatex has positioned itself in the front line of software solution technology.

First quarter of 2015 has shown a clear continuity of the 2014 trend, with sales double of the same quarter last year and a pipe line of new customers larger than ever. “Our superior solution technology and functionality wise has proven itself in our close to 100 NOW customers. Datatex has again positioned itself as the unbeaten leader in the area of ERP for the global textile and apparel industry, not only in sales figures but mainly in successful implementations we are so proud of,” said Ronen Hagin co-owner and founder of Datatex.

Datatex has also recently announced its collaboration with Portolan to represent and implement the NOW ERP products in the German speaking countries and to develop the Datatex NOW financial solution using our technology platform and NOW as a base. The new generation financial solution will be based on Datatex Java development technology and the globally recognized expertise of Portolan in this area. Both companies are excited with this new development which will provide an important addition to our solution portfolio.

Posted April 14, 2015

Source: Datatex