YiwuTex 2014 Concluded Successfully

ZHEJIANG, China — January 19, 2015 — The 15th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Knitting & Hosiery Machinery, The 4th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery and 2014 China Yiwu International Exhibition on Dyeing, Finishing & Digital Printing Machinery (hereinafter named as YiwuTex 2014) came to a successful conclusion on November 22, 2014, at Yiwu International Expo Center, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.
As a four-day exhibition occupying a 15,200 square meter (m2) exhibition area, YiwuTex 2014 attracted about 200 leading textile machinery exhibitors from 10 countries and regions. Exhibitors presented up to 530 sets of textile machinery at the exhibition, including the latest textile equipment and technologies such as seamless underwear machinery; knitting and hosiery machinery; flat and warp knitting machinery; yarn winding machinery; covering and twisting machinery; yarns, fibers, lace and spare parts; cutting, laser and CAD/CAM systems; sewing machines and accessories; post-sewing, ironing and transportation equipment; braiding and zipper-making machinery; dyeing, finishing and boarding machinery; screen and transfer printing machinery; logo printing machinery; and spare parts and accessories. As a grand event for the textile industry, YiwuTex 2014 attracted 9,130 professional buyers, 10 industrial associations and enterprise delegations from 29 countries and regions to visit and purchase at the exhibition.
Professional Business Platform Received Enthusiastic Responses From Exhibitors And Buyers
Organizers leveraged their previous experience to make the 15th edition of YiwuTex the most robust knitting machinery and automatic garment equipment trading platform in Zhejiang Province to help enterprises transform and upgrade.

Like previous editions, YiwuTex 2014 received vigorous support from exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors included leading players from a diversity of sectors in textile industry, including knitting and hosiery machinery enterprises such as Santoni, Lonati, Colosio, L.G.L, all based in Italy, as well as Chemtax, Cixing, Aurora, Taiwan Aotu, Rosso, Shaoxing Royuan, Taiwan Dakong, Zhejiang Zhongbao and Zhejiang Rifa; high-end knitting accessories and needle manufacturing enterprises such as Samsung, Memmingger-Iro (Taicang), Kern Liebers, Groz-Beckert, Yamagen and Yantex; warp knitting and yarn equipment enterprises such as Chemtax, SSM, Wuyang, Jinggong, Yuejian and BTSR; sewing and garment equipment enterprises such as Topcut-bullmer, Tianming, Yina, New Jack, Hanma, Yinjian, Jinbao, Doso, Shupu, Yinjian, Xingling, Fushan, Kingtex, Taoling, Zhongjie, Hengtong, Ruiyang, Chengtao, Yuanyang and Shenghua; and dyeing, finishing and boarding machinery  enterprises such as Tonello, Sun Myung, Chemtax, Chuyun and Xingya. Exhibitors affirmed the exhibition for its professionalism and business features. Most exhibitors also expressed that they will continue to participate in and support the next edition of YiwuTex.

“We are pleased to receive onsite orders this year,” said Ji Leichun, manager, Complete Machine Sales Department, Zhejiang Yiwu Shenghua Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. “As a whole, we feel excellent about the exhibition, there are a lot of professional visitors and this is what we need. We will continue to participate in the next show.”

“YiwuTex is becoming one of the pace-setting exhibitions for the knitting industry and a professional exchange platform extensively recognized by customers,” said Luca Bardone, sales manager, FLAINOX. “I hope this exhibition will bring greater opportunities to promote exchange and facilitate communication for the textile industry!”

“Jinhua region is the hub for production and trading of knitted products in China,” said Yin Yuanjun, marketing director, Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. “This exhibition provides an excellent exchange platform for suppliers and customers, where we can quickly release our product information to the market. We wish to intensify our cooperation with YiwuTex for mutual benefits in the future!”

Additionally, YiwuTex 2014 received vigorous support from many professional associations and enterprises to organized visiting delegations including Underwear Committee of China Chamber of Commerce for Textile and Apparel; Haining Hosiery Association; Wenzhou Printing; Dyeing and Washing Industry Association; Jiangsu Textile Popular Color Association; Yiwu City Braiding Industry Association; and Yiwu Textile Industry Association. The show also gained active support and participation from various prestigious hosiery, knitwear and garment enterprises, including Xiaolongren Hosiery, Langsha, Bailong Knitwear, Fenli Hosiery, Mengna Hosiery, Manzi Hosiery, Naier Hosiery, Nalisi Hosiery, Liyuan Knitwear and Yiting Knitwear.
“I got the information about the exhibition from Wenzhou Women Wear Association and this is the first time for our association to organize enterprise delegates to participate in YiwuTex,” said Chen Peipei, Secretary General of Wenzhou Printing, Dying and Washing Industry Association. “The Organizers did a good job in this. We attended the conference on ‘Water Treatment, Energy Saving & Case Study for the Modern Textile Industry’ on the first show day. The content of the conference is well geared to the needs of enterprises and it receives excellent responses from our member enterprises.”

“We have been cooperating with YiwuTex for many years,” said Pan Zhongshan, Secretary General of Underwear Committee of China Chamber of Commerce for Textile and Apparel. “This year, we invited about 90 enterprises, mainly knitwear enterprises from Jiangsu and Shantou, to participate in the exhibition. YiwuTex is a professional exhibition and our enterprises are interested in technical conferences with topics on the application of new technologies.”

“We produce and market medium and high-end seamless underwear products such as bras, briefs, long-sleeve corsets, leisure wear and swimming suits,” said Wu Guijun, Deputy General Manager of Yiting Knitwear. “As a longstanding partner of YiwuTex, we present our products at Knitting Collections Wardrobe every year. We assign relevant personnel from our Purchase Department and R&D Department to learn about new equipment and new technology at YiwuTex every year.”

“We met our familiar suppliers such as Jinlong, Wuyang and Memminger at the exhibition and got to know the new direction of equipment research and development from them,” said Dong Jinyong, General Manager of Changshu Hanyou Textile. “We are mainly interested in knitting machinery. We obtained the latest information onsite and attended several conferences here.”
Fashion-related Concurrent Events: Adding Brilliance To The Exhibition
Many people have the impression that machinery exhibition is a cold event without anything entertaining except the rumbling noises from machines. However, visitors of YiwuTex 2014 found, in addition to traditional machinery display, a full range of concurrent events on fashion design and upcoming trends. “Fashion Extravaganza – Fashion Designers’ Display Zone” was found in Hall B; and “Knitting Collections Wardrobe” was located in Halls A and B throughout the entire show period. In addition, the “Functional Sportswear Design – Fashion influence/ 2015-2016 Intimate Wear Design & Trends Forum” and “2015-2016 Women Clothing Design & Trends Forum” were hosted on November 20. These events not only added highlights to the exhibition, but also provided a trendsetting presentation to professional visitors. The “Conference on Water Treatment, Energy Saving & Case Study for the Modern Textile Industry” held on November 19 also addressed the current issues concerned by the textile industry and presented new technology and industrial solutions.
“Santoni: Wearable Technology” is another highlight of YiwuTex 2014. The event was held at the booth of Santoni, which exceeded 1,500 m2, and presented the latest production technologies for underwear, sportswear, swimming suits and medical products, demonstrating the most cost-effective production for customers. With such an excellent combination of equipment presentation and the latest technology application, visitors could feel the power of machinery production and technical application.
The 15th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Knitting & Hosiery Machinery, The 4th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery & 2014 China Yiwu International Exhibition on Dyeing, Finishing & Digital Printing Machinery are sponsored by The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province; organized by Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Municipalities People’s Government, Yiwu Municipal People’s Government, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and supported by China Chamber of International Commerce Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu City Hosiery Industry Association, Yiwu City Braiding Industry Association, Yiwu City Seamless Knitting Association, Yiwu City Zipper Industry Association, Yiwu City Garment Industry Association, Yiwu City Glove Industry Association, as well as Pujiang County Knitting, Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.
Posted February 18, 2015

Source: YiwuTex 2014