Zhejiang Chunjiang Group Opts For ZinserRing 71

ÜBACH-PALENBERG, Germany — August 21, 2014 — Change of course in the Zhejiang Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group: The Chinese textile company, founded in 1980, has opted for automation and modern ring spinning machines designed in Germany for their new production site in Fuyang. The new factory in Fuyang is now running 18 ZinserRing 71 ring spinning machines with a total of 21,600 spindles. Equipped with CoWeMat, the most reliable doffer in the world, these machines have reduced personnel requirements to 50% of previous levels.

The Zhejiang Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co. Ltd. is one of the largest Chinese cotton
spinning mills. The company employs around 1,600 employees and produces 26,500 tonnes of yarn with counts between Ne 20 and Ne 80. They usually process a mixture of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. A third of production is exported to the USA. The company is in a successful growth phase. It is continuously increasing production capacities and cooperates in innovations with universities and textile institutes.

Automation belongs to the future
Until now, Zhejiang Chunjiang Group production was based on ring spinning machines without doffers. A significantly higher personnel requirement per shift, based on highly trained employees, would have been needed with manual machines in the new factory with over 21,000 planned ring spinning spindles. The ZinserRing 71, in contrast, resulted in a reduction in personnel outlay.

Due to the increasing shortage of personnel resources, the company therefore decided to use state-of-the-art ring spinning machines with the automatic doffer CoWeMat from Zinser.

“Automation belongs to the future,” said company leaders, “And the best partner for automation projects is Schlafhorst. We have therefore opted for the know-how and the machines from Schlafhorst for our new factory in Fuyang.”

“We are now 15% more productive!”
“With the ZinserRing 71 from Schlafhorst, we will have a stronger and highly efficient competitive position. We have significantly lower personnel expenditure. We guarantee excellent quality. And we have become 15% more productive,” said management of Chunjiang Group.

Such an increase in competitiveness is only possible when automated processes function seamlessly. This is ensured with precision technology from Schlafhorst. Doffing is implemented with proverbial reliability by CoWeMat, the most economical system in the world.

This high-precision technology almost completely prevents gripper malfunctions. In the rare cases that such a malfunction occurs, the doffer and ring spinning machine simply continue to operate thanks to the safety membrane on the gripper and the independent pneumatic system.

Inspections can be drastically reduced. A light barrier monitors the smooth doffing flow. The cutting knife even cuts coarse and highly tear-proof yarns. The precision drive of the BobbinTray system transports bobbins and empty tubes without contact and precisely, thus ensuring high Zinser yarn quality.

“Zinser has over 45 years experience with the CoWeMat and represents the most process-safe and reliable doffer on the market today,” said a mill manager, “We produce, shift for shift, more yarn with minimum personnel expenditure with the ZinserRing 71.”

CoWeFeed reduces personnel requirements by up to 66%
Up to 66% less personnel is required by Zhejiang Chunjiang Group in the new factory for inserting empty tubes into the ring spinning machine because the ZinserRing 71 is equipped with CoWeFeed. The CoWeFeed automatically sorts the empty tubes before insertion. Personnel can simply dump empty tubes into the storage container. Time-consuming manual sorting is no longer required.

Reproducible quality thanks to central software settings
The ZinserRing 71 also makes the company more independent from personnel with regards to quality issues. The spinning parameters are entered centrally via a touchscreen in the spinning software EasySpin. EasySpin is the safest operating software on the market. It rapidly and precisely guides the employee with images and symbols to the correct settings. Practical tips are stored for every input screen and illustrated messages provide targeted information about necessary actions.

Operating errors are almost completely excluded. The settings data can be transferred to other ring spinning machines within seconds using a USB stick.

The management consistently relies on powerful, reliable and automated machine technology, thus securing their market advantage. This new orientation towards automation is continued by Zhejiang Chunjiang Group for package winding, where they have invested in a new installation with the Autoconer X5, type D with automatic material flow. The excellent yarn quality of the ZinserRing 71 ring spinning machine is ensured by the innovative Schlafhorst winding and splicing technology. Winding machines with state-of-the-art material flow automation The company has sworn by the Autoconer from Schlafhorst for years now with regards to winding machines. Until now, the company has used the type RM machines, which required high personnel
expenditure due to the manual bobbin feed. The Autoconer X5 type D, was ordered for the new
factory and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art automated material flow.

With their new Autoconer X5 type D, Zhejiang Chunjiang Group has been able to decisively increase their productivity. At the same time, automated bobbin handling means even less personnel expenditure. The Autoconer X5, with their flexibly adaptable configuration, are perfectly suited to meet demands for higher lot and material flexibility. Intelligent automation aggregates, for example, the X-Change package doffer, and their unmatched functionality greatly reduce the level of manual work for the employees. Hardware handling and mechanical settings are reduced to a minimum.

Zhejiang Chunjiang Group can therefore use the best and most productive settings for their production, irrespective of the skill level of their personnel. “The ZinserRing 71 reduces our personnel expenditure for quality assurance,” said top management of Chunjiang Group. “We can produce quality that impresses our customers, almost at the touch of a button. Our decision would be for the ZinserRing 71 again at any time.”

Posted September 19, 2014

Source: The Saurer Group