Nantong Teijin Turns 20, Teijin Establishes R&D Business In China

China-based Nantong Teijin Co. Ltd. — a polyester textile and processing company that weaves and dyes recyclable polyester, and also manufactures and processes polyester textiles; and is a member of the Japan-based Teijin Group — recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“Nantong Teijin has reached its 20th anniversary thanks to the support and collaboration of Nantong and the city’s Development Zone, as well as many others in China and Japan,” said Jun Suzuki, president, Teijin Co. Ltd. “We truly appreciate everyone’s assistance. Looking ahead, the new Teijin (China) Product Development Center will enable us to further accelerate all processes, from applications development to mass production, on a one-stop basis. The Teijin Group hopes to build on its achievements so far to realize even greater progress in the delivery of new materials and products from Nantong to the global market.”

The Teijin Group reports it has made China a top-priority market for growth in the medium to long term, and Nantong Teijin will act as a key center in this strategy.

In related company news, Teijin Group recently opened Teijin Product Development China Co. Ltd., a research and development (R&D) company that will develop yarns and other textile products for automotive, electronics and materials industries. The company, which is housed at Nantong Teijin’s facilities but operates independently, will strengthen Teijin’s R&D capabilities and will enable the company to respond quickly to local demands, as well as enter into cooperative alliances with local companies.

Teijin Product Development China’s 20,000-square-foot facility features a weather-simulation laboratory, experimental production facility, and an analysis and measurement facility. The company primarily will design and test products for clothing end-uses, assessing the functionality and quality of the products under development for specific market needs.

April/May/June 2014