Lectra, Ruyi Group Partner

Paris-based Lectra has partnered with China-based textile and apparel manufacturer Ruyi Group to help Ruyi expand operations at its Taiwan plant by supplying best-practice expertise and process optimization consulting as well as provide hardware and software solutions as part of the integrated manufacturing project. The heart of the operation includes a lean-ready cutting room for industrialization, preproduction and fabric cutting. New operations will utilize a lean manufacturing methodology to support Ruyi’s growing list of international luxury menswear clients and its own brands.

Ruyi has revenues of more than US$5 billion annually and employs more than 30,000 people, operating a completely vertical fashion supply chain including one of the largest industrial supply chains for wool and cotton processing.

“We chose to partner with Lectra because they share our vision, both in terms of growth strategies and product positioning,” said Qiu Dong, president, Ruyi Group. “To follow fashion industry trends, Ruyi is in urgent need of world-class, intelligent systems with advanced information technologies. We want to build a long-term, strategic relationship between Lectra and Ruyi. In doing so, Ruyi will be able to make the most of its current resources, leverage its R&D team and transform traditional methods with leading information technologies, thus promoting the growth of the textile industry in China and even in other countries around the world.”

“I am impressed by Ruyi’s vision, which combines a strong heritage with a thirst for innovation,” said Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra. “It is rare to see companies of this magnitude with such an entrepreneurial spirit. Ruyi is not only impressive in terms of size and experience, but also because they are agile and ahead of the times. Working closely with Ruyi is an exciting challenge, which will take both companies to the next level.”

April/May/June 2014