Interspare Develops Smartphone App For Spare Parts Ordering

Germany-based Interspare, a manufacturer of complete finishing lines, recently introduced the iPhone- and Android-compatible Smartphone Smart Order System App to simplify the spare parts ordering process. A customer may take photographs of the machinery and required spare parts, and transmit the images to Interspare via the app. Once Interspare’s staff receives the images, they can identify the necessary spare parts and will then contact the customer with the part number, price and delivery timeframe. The company reports this process saves the customer time because it is no longer necessary to search through parts catalogs trying to identify the correct part and part number before placing an order.

Using the app, spare parts for the following ranges may be ordered: Krantz; Artos; Stentex; Babcock BTM; Famatex; Hacoba; and Franz Müller. In addition, customers may submit images of other tenter frame spare parts, particularly those manufactured by German companies, for evaluation and a price quote. Interspace will provide the required part if possible.

“Our idea with the app was to make it really simple for the customer to request spare parts and together with a modern means of communication to offer still more additional value,” said Dirk Polchow, managing director, Interspare. “The aim was: two to three clicks with the Smartphone and the request arrives on our desk and we take care of it. There is no risk because the customer makes just an inquiry and not an order. Every company can give the app a try without having any problems.”

The free app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or at Google Play by searching for Interspare.

April/May/June 2014