IAF, BKMEA And HCIA Signed Cooperation For EU Funded Project In Bangladesh

ZEIST, The Netherlands — March 6th, 2014 — The IAF (International Apparel Federation), BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association) and HCIA (The Hellenic Clothing Industry Association) have officially signed a cooperation contract for a common project aimed at capacity building, network extension and knowledge transfer.
The signing was done at the IAF office in Zeist (Netherlands) by Mr. Mansoor Ahmed and Han Bekke, secretary general of IAF. IAF has been granted funding by the EU for this project as a result of which BKMEA and HCIA will be able to better service the companies that are their members by having gained more international contacts, more knowledge and more insights.
The project will include training sessions in Bangladesh and several networking trips to Europe and to Bangladesh. The IAF will make sure that more IAF members than BKMEA and HCIA will benefit from the project by setting up a peer group to which it invites its members with specific interests in the Bangladesh knitwear industry.


(left to right): Takis Libereas, director, HCIA; Han Bekke, secretary general, IAF; Mansoor Ahmed, director, BKMEA; Faruk Hossain Jr., researcher, BKMEA; and Matthijs Crietee, secretary deputy general, IAF

Posted March 19, 2014

Source: International Apparel Federation (IAF)