53rd Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress: Communicating The Future Of Man-Made Fibers

VIENNA, Austria — March 7, 2014 — The 53rd DORNBIRN-MFC from Sept. 10-12, 2014, with approximately 100 lectures held by experts is presenting itself again as the European lead event.
Representatives from the man-made fibers industry, the processing chain and academic research use this Communication platform for an intensive exchange of ideas. The global challenges of the developments in the financial sector and economies show that along with innovation (cost)efficiency and competitiveness become the decisive key factors for success of the European fiber industry.

The traditional plenary session on the opening day will start with presentations from Lenzing AG, CIRFS/Brussels, the awarding of the Paul-Schlack Prize, a lecture from Bionic Strategy/D with the title “The Re-enchantment of the World – Survival Strategies with Brands as Modern Storytellers in an Engineered World”.

After a short break EDANA/Brussels will speak about the developments in Nonwovens, followed by the OECD with a lecture on the standardization of antimicrobial testing methods.

Strong Support by Main Sponsors from Industry
A particularly pleasant development in view of the future growth potential of the DORNBIRN-MFC is the strong commitment of existing and new main sponsors of this European lead event. Due to the active involvement in an enlarged base the continuous expansion of the congress can be guaranteed in turbulent times as well.

Additional Focuses broaden the Lead in Know-how
After the break for lunch on the opening day the main theme “Global Strategies for a Change” will deal with some of these decisive key factors for success. The European Commission will start with a lecture on the horizon of experience 2020 with focus on innovations and sustainable resources followed by Fenwis Gmbh with a report about the future markets and developments in the field of textiles and man-made fibers. INVISTA will present the findings of a market research on consumer trends in textiles. Radici Partecipazione SpA will speak about sustainability as a source for market opportunities meeting the challenges of an integrated production. RWTH Aachen will finalize this section with a report about the industry 4.0. focusing on workers in the textile industry. In this international part we will feature in future also partner countries.

Another novelty is the enlarged section “Key Technologies” which will report about latest findings in the field of finishing, coating, machinery for spinning/extrusion and joint developments between academic research and industry.

Enhancement in Quality for Main Themes
Generally we are planning to enhance the importance of various sections with introductory lectures, giving an overview.

The main themes run as follows:

  • Global Strategies for a Change (Market Specials / New Business Models)
  • Fiber- / Filament Innovations (Oil- and Bio-based Fiber Raw Materials, Carbon Fibers, Functionalities,
  • Nonwovens / Filtration
  • Automotive (Transportation – Train / Ship / Air)
  • Key Technologies (Finishing, Coating, Spinning / Extrusion)

Make Use of the Early Bird Bonus
Experience the latest developments and trends in the international man-made fibers world and deepen your know-how by networking with more than 800 participants from 30 countries plus.

For registration until 31st  of May 2014 an early bird bonus will be granted. Make use of this advantage and simply register online at: www.dornbirn-mfc.com.

Posted March 19, 2014

Source: Austrian Man-Made Fibers Institute