Mogul Inaugurates Bicomponent PET Spunbond Line

Turkey-based nonwovens producer Mogul Co. Ltd. has begun production on a new core/sheath
bicomponent polyester (PET)/copolyester spunbond line. The new 365-centimeter-wide line brings
Mogul’s total PET capacity to 15,000 metric tons per year, and expands its product line to include
spunbond, spunlace and meltblown nowovens.

The new bicomponent PET line will produce area thermal bonded flat fabrics featuring
low-denier round and trilobal filaments. Fabrics will range in weight from 17 to 135 grams per
square meter. The new bicomponent fabrics will be targeted mainly to industrial markets and will be
sold under the Buffalo brand name.

In other company news, Mogul recently began production on its second 3,200-millimeter-wide
monofilament PET spunbond line.

November 12, 2013