Stoll Introduces CMS ADF-3 Flat Knitting Machine

Germany-based H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG’s CMS ADF-3 flat knitting machine brings knitters expanded
yarn-carrier functions to enable more complex and creative designs vis-à-vis color and structural
technique combinations. The machine features 16 rails, each having two yarn carriers. Stoll carried
over all multi-gauge and flexible-gauge knitting functions from previous machine generations to the
CMS ADF-3, which covers gauges ranging from E 10 to E 18 as well as multi-gauge gauges.

According to the company, the advanced yarn-carrier technology makes this machine unique. The
carriers, based on 32 motorized yarn carriers, move independently from the carriage and may move in
a horizontal or vertical manner. This movement, controlled by the pattern program, represents
almost unlimited pattern and color possibilities for the designer.

Color fields smaller than 1 inch may be knitted on the CMS ADF-3, and inverse and intarsia
plating features add to the machine’s color-combination and design options.

The company reports the knitting machine was designed to be efficient and ergonomic. Knitting
sequences reduce the stroke, and machine downtime is reduced as a result of faster retrofitting
times than for previous-generation machines. Ergonomic features include a sliding bobbin board and
a V-shaped yarn control installed in a low position to ensure yarn carriers do not cross one

The machine features a 2-inch yarn-carrier staggering distance, a 0.6-inch color
field distance, direct yarn feed, and 2 x 16 individual clamping and cutting devices.

“With the CMS ADF-3, we have made a decisive step forward in the future of knitting,” said
Heinz-Peter Stoll, CEO, H. Stoll. “For knitting machine manufacturers, the market remains exciting,
but tense.”

October 16, 2013