EVS Debuts C-BELT Safety Belt Inspection System

Israel-based Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS) — a provider of vision solutions for surface
inspection and real-time quality monitoring — has introduced C-BELT, an inspection system for
narrow safety belts such as automotive seatbelts, safety harnessing for fire and rescue, and safety
tie-downs for transportation.

C-BELT detects, identifies and labels common manufacturing defects on both sides of a safety
belt. According to EVS, its multi-angle viewing lines are able to detect all visible defects
including ends out, broken picks, misspicks, loopy selvage, loose filament, spots, stains, holes,
mono-tails slubs, bulges, dip-ins and knots. The full color, automated inspection system works in
conjunction with EVS’s online Optimization & Cut control system.

“We have already installed the first system in some of the world’s largest manufacturers of
safety belts, and we are currently in negotiation with many other manufacturers who would like to
adopt our solution to install in their production processes,” said Sam Cohen, CEO, EVS. “We believe
that in the future, the C-BELT’s solution will revolutionize the way safety belts are produced and
inspected around the world.”

October 16, 2013