Europlasma Announces North American, Taiwanese Partnerships

Belgium-based Europlasma NV — a developer of low-pressure plasma technology for applications
including technical textiles, electronics, medical and automotive — has announced two strategic
partnerships to expand its global network.

The company is partnering with Uyemura International Corp., United States, to sell
Europlasma’s technology in the United States, Canada and Mexico for conformal coating of
electronics and surface finishing of printed circuit boards as well as for technical textiles,
medical and automotive applications; and also to provide after-sales service in the region.
Europlasma will install equipment in the Uyemura Tech Center in the United States, and provide
training to Uyemura technicians for sample treatment such as low-pressure plasma cleaning, etching
and activation. The center also will house equipment to apply Europlasma’s Nanofics® nanocoating
technology, a dry processing method that can be used to impart durable hydrophilic or hydro- and
oleophobic properties to textiles used in filtration, medical, personal protective equipment and
outdoor applications.

Europlasma also has signed a commercial agency agreement with Taiwan-based Pinnacle Tech Co.
under which Pinnacle will offer to the Taiwanese technical textiles industry sales and after-sales
service for Europlasma’s technologies.

October 16, 2013