Jeanologia To Open Demo And Training Center In Bangladesh

Jeanologia — a Spain-based developer of sustainable apparel finishing technologies — has announced
it will open a demonstration and training center in Bangladesh to present its laser and ozone
finishing technologies. The company hopes that its initiative will help improve working conditions
in the country’s jeans manufacturing industry, which currently employs more than three million

Jeanologia reports its technologies offer significant water, energy and chemical savings; and
do not employ hazardous production techniques. Its textile laser reproduces sophisticated
vintagewear effects and offers decreased production time and increased accuracy and reproducibility
without the use of dangerous techniques such as sandblasting, manual scraping and potassium
permanganate spraying. The eco G-2 washer utilizes atmospheric oxygen and ozone and is designed to
achieve an authentic vintage look by apparel washing and color tearing. Its E-Soft technology
converts atmospheric air into nano bubbles that produce a smoothing effect when they come in
contact with the garments.

“After the successive tragedies that have taken place recently in Bangladesh, we wanted to
double our efforts with more than three million people working in jeans manufacturing,” said
Jeanologia President Enrique Silla. “Jeanologia’s philosophy is defined in one sentence: First our
people then our planet and it is recorded in our DNA. We are aware that we must all do our part and
only with technology and training we will be able to eradicate these situations.”

The center is scheduled to open in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in September.

July/August/September 2013