Introduction Of The 114th Canton Fair

GUANGZHOU, China — June 25, 2013 — China Import and Export Fair, renowned as the “Canton Fair,” is
an important channel of China’s foreign trade and a demonstration of the country’s opening up
policy. It plays a key role in advancing the development of China’s foreign trade and the economic
and trade exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

Canton Fair is cohosted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of
Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre. It is held every spring and autumn
in Guangzhou, China. Since its establishment in 1957, Canton Fair has enjoyed the longest history,
the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the best business turnover in China, and the
biggest buyer attendance from the broadest range of countries for 113 sessions. The Canton Fair
concluded on May 5, 2013 attracted 202,766 buyers from 211 countries and regions; buyer attendance
increased by 7.06% over the 112th session. These figures reflect the huge commercial value of
Canton Fair and its importance in contributing to global trade.

Focused on international demand, Canton Fair exhibits over 150,000 categories of quality
products, both from China or overseas. These are products with famous brands, traditional design or
creative innovation, all reflecting the latest feature of different sectors. Canton Fair is also a
comprehensive and specialized trade event. About 24,000 outstanding enterprises from all over the
world participate in each session. For the coming 114th session, we will improve information
collection and layout of exhibits in the National Pavilion in a more professional way; optimize and
differentiate the standards of exhibit categorization, so as to improve the effect of the Fair.
Canton Fair will also improve qualification review of exhibitors, adopt the standard of 5% annual
turnover rate of exhibitors, and improve the quality of exhibition organization.

The International Pavilion, inaugurated since the 101st session to promote balanced growth of
import and export, has been held for 13 sessions. Since the 108th session, the International
Pavilion was also opened in Phase 3, which makes the exhibition more professional and
international. In the 113th session, there were 900 stands in the International Pavilion; 562
enterprises from 38 countries and regions exhibited their products, 10 enterprises more than the
last session. For the 114th session, we will step up the review of professional standard of
exhibits in the International Pavilion, invite more exhibitors from countries and regions that have
trade deficit with China, and improve the quality of exhibitors.

In the 109th session, Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) was set up
as a platform for international design institutes and Chinese manufacturers. PDC organizes various
events including design shows, design forums and match-makings according to different categories of
products in different phases of the Fair. PDC, in the 113th session, attracted 45 design
institutes/companies from 10 countries and regions, and 160 specialists such as industrial
designers, brand marketing experts and authorities in trend analysis and forecast. Exhibitors and
buyers participated in the PDC activities for more than 100,000 person-times. PDC has promoted the
exchanges between overseas design services and Chinese industrial manufacturing, brought more
products with new and special design to overseas buyers, and is applauded by representatives from
design institutes, exhibitors and buyers.

Canton Fair witnesses the development of China’s foreign trade and IPR protection, especially
the progress in IPR protection of the exhibition industry. As the earliest exhibition in China to
protect IPR, Canton Fair always attaches great importance to IPR protection. In the 85th session in
1999, an IPR complaint station was established to deal with IPR infringement. After years of
efforts, a comprehensive system of IPR protection that suits the Fair’s practical situation is now
in place.

Canton Fair E-commerce Platform has been officially launched. The Platform relies on
authentic resources of buyer information, global promotion channels, online and offline
interconnectivity, one-stop trade services and credit and compensation system. With these 5
advantages, he E-commerce Platform will create a credible and effective trade environment, and
become an authentic and state-level platform of ecommerce and international trade. This is an
important step towards the “Smart Canton Fair”, and will bring about historic breakthroughs.

Currently, the international economic situation is complicated and volatile. As the quality
platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries, Canton Fair will
attract more attention from the world. The exhibition duration and phase, product section and
exhibition scale of the 114th session will remain the same as in the 113th session. The 114th
Canton Fair will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex from October 15 to November 4,
2013. The Fair will be arranged in 3 Phases; Phase 1: October 15-19, Phase 2: April 23-27, and
Phase 3: October 31-November 4. The intervals are: October 20-22, and October 28-30.

As the organizer of the Canton Fair, China Foreign Trade Centre is dedicated to serving
Chinese and overseas customers. We have introduced professional and market-oriented service
concepts, improved our services in the Fair, and advocated “Green Canton Fair”. We have also made
more specific commitments, improved service efficiency, simplified registration procedure, and
applied information technology. We work hard to enhance the professional quality of the Fair and
customer satisfaction in an effort to better on-site services.

Posted July 17, 2013

Source: Canton Fair