Clariant Confirms Accuracy Of Its New ONE WAY Sustainability Calculation System

SINGAPORE — July 4, 2013 — The effectiveness of Clariant’s new ONE WAY sustainability calculation
system has been confirmed in physical tests carried out by leading machine builder Fong’s.

The test results verified the accuracy of the calculations and measurements obtained from
Clariant’s ONE WAY Calculator, a sophisticated software tool that helps textile brands, retailers
and manufacturers assess the cost, performance and environmental profile of evaluated products
almost instantly.

Unique Sustainability Service Designed To Support The Textile Industry’s Efforts

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, developed its ONE WAY sustainability
service to provide textile brands, retailers and manufacturers with a fast and reliable method of
selecting the most appropriate chemicals and process routes for their requirements. The close
consideration of key parameters, including raw materials and water and energy consumption, aims at
achieving both economic and ecological benefits.

The database of Clariant’s ONE WAY system contains more than 200 dyes and chemicals that
have been carefully screened and pre-tested by the company’s product stewardship specialists
against more than 15 eco-standards and other criteria. These include bluesign®1, Oeko-Tex®2, GOTS*,
the 11 restricted substance groups classified under the Joint Roadmap Towards Zero Discharge
initiative, 20 of the major brand RSLs (restructured substances lists) and other factors such as

Suitable products are first identified and shortlisted and individual cost, performance and
environmental profiles subsequently calculated using the ONE WAY Calculator.

“The ONE WAY system is designed to help our customers balance the twin objectives of ecology
and economy and enables them to see that more sustainable and efficient solutions do not have to
come at a higher cost,” says Clariant’s Head of Product Marketing, Textile Chemicals, Emrah Esder.

Test Data Confirms Accuracy Of Calculations By Clariant’s ONE WAY Tool

Clariant’s focus is on the development of innovative products that improve processes by
saving resources, employing more renewable raw materials, maximizing safety and reducing emissions
and waste.

Fong’s shares these goals, and seeing the potential value to the industry of the ONE WAY
system, suggested carrying out trials of the latest low temperature pretreatment processes for
fabric dyeing – including Clariant’s own solution called BLUE MAGIC – on its latest high energy,
low consumption Jumbotec dyeing machine.

The bleaching pretreatment of fabrics prior to dyeing is an essential step in removing
impurities and increasing both whiteness and hydrophilicity, allowing the dye to penetrate more
deeply into the fibers so that the colors are more vivid.

The test data very closely matched the initial Clariant calculations using the new ONE WAY
Calculator. The tool allows for the evaluation of the environmental profile of given production
processes, using relevant parameters such as dyes and chemicals, water, energy or time;
differentiated by country, based on actual measurements of chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological
oxygen demand (BOD), CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and water usage.

“The ONE WAY system helps mills and brand owners to develop innovative textile solutions
that are both more ecologically and economically sustainable,” says Mr. Esder. “Both industry and
consumers continue to push for less complex, more cost-efficient and sustainable manufacturing
processes, and defending and supporting the toughest eco standards is our aim with ONE WAY.”

Posted July 17, 2013

Source: Clariant International