Advansa, Sekem Team To Offer Advansa Thermo°Cool® Eco2 Egyptian Organic Cotton

The Netherlands-based polyester fiber manufacturer Advansa BV has partnered with Egypt-based
organic cotton textile producer Sekem Textile to offer Advansa Thermo°Cool® eco2 with Egyptian
Organic Cotton yarn for underwear and other first-layer garments.

The yarn features a 50/50 blend of Advansa’s Thermo°Cool eco2 — a high-performance,
post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate fiber featuring Duoregulation™ evaporative
cooling and thermo-buffering technology — and Sekem’s Egyptian organic cotton fiber — which
includes GIZA 86 and GIZA 90 cotton varieties that are cultivated without the use of synthetic
insecticides, toxic pesticides or fertilizers; is certified to be carbon-neutral and sustainable;
and, according to Sekem, offers improved elasticity.

The companies report that underwear featuring the Advansa Thermo°Cool eco2/Egyptian Organic
Cotton yarn blend is soft, light and breathable; and regulates body temperature.

Sekem will spin the yarn and manufacture the underwear at its facility in Egypt.

July 17, 2013