Clariant Introduces TexCare® SRA 300 F Soil-Release Agent

Switzerland-based specialty chemical producer Clariant has added TexCare® SRA 300 F soil-release
polymer for powdered detergents to its TexCare product line. Clariant reports the polymer enhances
the ability of the detergent to remove soils and help keep fabrics clean and white even after
multiple washes, and is particularly suited to polyesters and poly/cotton blends.

According to Clariant, the new polymer uses anionic modification to enhance soil dispersion,
and forms a protective layer on a fabric to reduce deep soil penetration into the fabric. The
polymer also picks up soils and prevents redeposition during washing, which reduces the amount of
fiber graying. The soil-release properties of the polymer have been tested on a variety of stains
including olive oil, motor oil, curry, clay and sebum.

“The functional and trend-matching benefits of TexCare SRA 300 F for powder detergents
underline Clariant’s commitment to this market, and our efforts to deliver surface solutions based
on really listening to the needs of our customers,” said Mauro Bergamasco, head, Global Marketing,
Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Clariant.

June 19, 2013