The Rupp Report: And The Femmy Goes To …

No, the title is not a mistake; it is about fibers and fabrics — delicate fabrics. The Rupp Report
can imagine, dear reader, that you are making an association with another award ceremony, hearing:
“and the Oscar goes to … .” Yes, but there is also an award called the Femmy.

Lenzing The Winner

Cellulosic fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG, Austria, was honored with the Femmy 2013 award by
the Underfashion Club Inc., New York City, in the category of Supplier. Earlier this month, Global
Marketing Director for Textile Fibers Andreas Dorner accepted the award on behalf of Lenzing at the
2013Femmy Gala in New York City.

The Underfashion Club

What is the Underfashion Club? Founded in 1958 as the Corset and Brassiere Women’s Club Inc.,
it was renamed the Underfashion Club in 1963 and reorganized as a nonprofit, intimate apparel
industry organization dedicated to education. The club provides scholarships and internships to
up-and-coming talent and organizes activities such as seminars, panel discussions and networking
opportunities for industry professionals.

According to the club’s mission statement, “It is the intention of certain members of the
Intimate Apparel Industry to raise funds and expend energy to safeguard the present and future
health of said industry by:

  • Supporting education of new talent
  • Attracting this talent to careers in Intimate Apparel
  • To act as a good citizen in the local community within the industry
  • To accomplish these goals these members have formed the Underfashion Club, Inc”

Acting Underfashion Club President Walter A. Costello, Macra Lace Co., stated: “For 55 years,
the Underfashion Club has been a bastion of dedicated volunteers who are passionately working to
make a difference in our industry. We strive each year to offer our members benefits that will
enhance their knowledge of the industry, and their opportunity for advancement.”

Underfashion Club members are involved in all aspects of the intimate apparel industry; in
areas including retailers, manufacturers, textile mills, fiber producers and trim suppliers; and in
functions including management, marketing, merchandising, sales, design, education and human

Prominent Award-winning Group

Once a year, the club presents the Femmy award to recognize the accomplishments of leading
industry companies and personalities in five categories. The 2013 winners in the various categories
are a kind of “who’s who” in intimate apparel:

Supplier: Lenzing Textile Fibers

Retailer: Bloomingdale’s

Manufacturer: Cosabella

Innovation: Haute Look

Lifetime Achievement: Josie Natori.

Femmy selection committee member Mark Sandler, president of Komar Layering said: “Lenzing
brings many elements of excellence to our industry. Lenzing’s innovative fibers help our industry
create the luxurious, fashionable, comfortable and sustainable intimate apparel our consumers
demand. Lenzing is a dedicated and attentive supplier who attains very high standards in our very
demanding industry. We are pleased to recognize their years of years of outstanding service.”

It Feels Good

The Rupp Report interviewed Dorner after the reception.

: How does it feel to be the winner of such a prestigious award?

Dorner: It feels good, and I am extremely proud that Lenzing is the 2013 Femmy
award winner. On behalf of our staff in the USA, but also worldwide, I gladly accept this prize.

RR: How do you get involved? We suppose that a company cannot just “participate”
in this contest?

Dorner: Of course not. Nobody can just participate in this contest. A jury will
decide on the nominations. Leading retailers and brands from the U.S. are recommending the
nominees, and a jury will decide the finalists. We were informed about the nomination in November
2012, and in December we were informed that we are the winner.

RR: What is the justification for awarding the prize to Lenzing?

Dorner: The justification of the jury was quite complex: Over the years, Lenzing
has provided the intimate apparel industry in the U.S. with fiber and application innovations.
Lenzing has created platforms in the role of a leader at the Texworld show. At that event, we
organize twice a year seminars and discussions for the industry. Lenzing supported famous U.S.
brands and retailers in sourcing in Asia by inviting the Asian companies to attend the show in New
York City. On top of that, the Lenzing certifications and certificates provide security and
confidence to the involved companies.

Comprehensive Service

RR: Are there any other Lenzing activities going on in North America?

Dorner: Yes, innovative samples and fabric references made of MicroModal® and
Lenzing Modal® are seasonally presented to the U.S. companies. No other fiber company today offers
this full service package for the intimate apparel sector in the USA.

RR: Was there any particular fiber mentioned at the award ceremony?

Dorner: MicroModal was the hot topic thanks to its softness and the new Edelweiss
technology, which offers additional arguments about sustainability for the industry.

RR: This prize is quite an achievement and it certainly means a lot for Lenzing.
Are you allowed to exploit your position as a Femmy award winner?

Dorner: Fortunately, yes. We are allowed to take advantage of the prize and to use
it for our own purposes for one year.

RR: Do you know any previous winners of the award?

Dorner: The list is very long. Just to name a few, there are Victoria’s Secret;
Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Sara Lee; Cotton Incorporated; Saks Fifth Avenue; Fruit of the Loom;
Donna Karan; and many more.

March 4, 2013