Teijin Develops Printing Paper Made From ECOPET® Fibers

Tokyo-based Teijin Ltd. has teamed with Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co. Ltd., also based in Tokyo, to
develop a printing paper made 100-percent of Teijin’s ECOPET® recycled polyester fiber derived from
used polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

Teijin reports the paper offers higher water resistance than conventional pulp-derived paper
and does not tear easily when wet. Suitable applications include hazard maps, triage tags, outdoor
posters, recording papers, labels and price tags for fresh or frozen foods, and other applications
used in outdoor or wet environments.

In addition, because the paper is a wetlaid nonwoven fabric made using the same method as
machine-made Japanese paper, it provides flexibility and texture not possible with film-based
printing paper. It is as thin as traditional printing paper, so it can be used in regular laser
printers without requiring manual feed; and it also allows for simple scoring, gluing or writing
with pens and pencils.

Nisshinbo Postal Chemical will sell the paper in Japan through trading companies and printer

March 20, 2013