Sato Increases Production Of Econano® Labels

Tokyo-based label, barcode and radio frequency identification solutions provider Sato Corp. has
built a facility in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, to increase production of its Econano® labels. The
labels — which emit less carbon dioxide (CO2) at the time of incineration compared to traditional
labels thanks to a special CO2 absorbent in the adhesive — were developed through a collaboration
with the Tokyo University of Science and its venture company ACTiiEVe Corp. The expansion will
allow up to 10 percent of Sato’s total label production to be Econano labels.

“Sato’s mission has always been to contribute to society through its main business,” said
Etsuo Fujii, president, Sato. “Increasing production capabilities for Econano in this way
demonstrates that we are increasingly trying to make this contribution through environmentally
focused products and solutions. As demand for Econano labels increases, it is our sincere hope that
we will one day produce 100-percent of our label products as Econano labels.”

March 20, 2013