Karl Mayer Runs PPD Fabric Trial, Reissues HKS 4-M EL Tricot Machine

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik recently tested the quality of lace fabric produced
on a L 59/1 B Jacquardtronic Lace machine featuring Positive Patternbeam Drive (PPD) versus fabric
produced on the same machine fed by a traditional creel.

To test fabric quality, a fabric design was produced first using a creel on the
Jacquardtronic Lace machine. In the second trial, the same design was produced on the machine
featuring six pattern beam mounting rails that each held eight pattern beams. In both trials, the
yarn was fed at a speed of 850 meters/min (m/min).

According to the company, no difference in product quality was apparent, and the PPD allowed
controlled yarn feed at speeds of up to 850 m/min, which is faster than the 600 m/min the pattern
beam previously allowed without causing looping and distortion in the yarn.

Karl Mayer cites the following advantages to using PPD versus a creel: lower space
requirements, and thus, shorter yarn paths with simple, quick changeover procedures; lower capital
costs; minimal storage space requirements; constant yarn tension; increased efficiency; fewer
machine stoppages for adjustments; less manpower to operate; and improved fabric quality.

In other company news, Karl Mayer has reissued its HKS 4-M EL tricot machine at a reduced
price point. The machine now features the EL drive system, as well as an improved motor and changes
to the Pattern Control function management. According to the company, these changes make the HKS
4-M EL machine efficient and flexible, and an attractive investment.

January/February/March 2013