INDA And CNITA Enter Into Strategic Alliance, INDA Publishes China Nonwovens Industry Outlook

The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), United States, and the China Nonwovens
& Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA), Beijing, have entered into a strategic alliance
agreement under which the two associations will work together in various areas, including mutually
sharing industry, market, technical and trade enhancement information; exchanging special
educational courses relevant to each party; cooperating on international events such as meetings,
conferences and expositions; and exchanging test methods and standards, and jointly developing new

CNITA is a government-supported national association that represents thousands of Chinese
com-panies that manufacture nonwovens and technical textiles. It also is one of the organizers of
CINTE Techtextil China, an international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens held every
two years in Shanghai.

“We are excited about this new strategic alliance with CNITA,” said David Rousse, president,
INDA. “This agreement establishes a framework for a variety of activities between our associations
that will benefit both associations’ members and the entire industry. Having Europe, North America
and China sharing common test methods and standards will facilitate international trade in
nonwovens. Sharing our education programs with China will help their industry development, and
sharing data will help in market planning.

“China is not only a major producer of nonwoven fabrics, but with a rapidly rising middle
class, it has greatly increased its consumption of nonwoven products. We see this trend continuing.
Our alliance with CNITA can help provide a bridge between INDA members and this growing market
opportunity,” Rousse added.

“CNITA is very pleased to enter into this strategic alliance agreement with INDA and we look
forward to collaborating in these important areas,” said Lingshen Li, president, CNITA. “This
agreement provides a starting point for cooperation and promises to benefit the members of both

In other INDA news, the association has published a report detailing current market
conditions for nonwovens in China and projections for the industry. “China Nonwovens Industry
Outlook – Trends & Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond,” was compiled and written by nonwovens
industry consultant Mark Snider; and includes information on China business dynamics, market size,
the Chinese government, new business development strategy and the nonwoven product mix. Other
topics covered in the report include the outlook for the disposable and durable nonwoven markets,
sales and volume of major nonwoven segments, nonwoven consumption in 2011, and outlook by
technology. End-use categories covered in the report include disposable categories such as baby
diapers and pads, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, wipes and medical/surgical; and durable
products such as geotextiles, roofing, automotive and filtration media.


INDA President David Rousse, left, and CNITA President Lingshen Li, right, shake hands during
the industry cooperation meeting held at CNITA’s headquarters in Beijing.

Pictured in the center behind them is former INDA President Rory Holmes.

January/February/March 2013