Wilcom AutoTuft Adds Representatives In India, China

Australia-based automated robotic tufting machine developer Wilcom AutoTuft Pty. Ltd. has added new
agents in India and China.

India-based IIGM Pvt. Ltd., a supplier of Wilcom’s embroidery offerings for more than 15
years, is adding Wilcom’s AutoTuft product range to its portfolio. In China, Shun Long Machinery
Co. Ltd. will carry Wilcom’s AutoTuft machinery.

Wilcom’s AutoTuft machinery uses pneumatic or mechanical tufting heads to produce custom rugs
and wall hangings with a “hand-tufted” look at a lower price than hand tufting. Additionally,
textures — such as 3-D and automatic cut-loop effects — not attainable on handmade products are
possible using AutoTuft.

July/August/September 2012