1000th Polar Winder Supplied In India

PORDENONE, Italy — September 21, 2012 — On the occasion of the Savio symposium held on 2012 Sept.
7th at Dindigul/TN, South India, Savio management officially handed over its 1,000th Polar winder
supplied in India to M/S Palmar Mills. Mr. Gabriele Checchini, Savio India’s CEO, and Mr. P. MARE
CHETTIAR, owner of the mills, participated the celebration of this important goal.

Savio has now reached nearly 4,000 Polar winding machines delivered all over the world, whose
one-fourth is represented by Indian sales. This confirms the commitment of Savio towards this
important market.

Founded in 1989, M/S Palmar Mills employs today 200 people. The company produces yarn for the
local/export market. It has 28,800 R/F spindles and the winding line-up consists of 5 Polar as well
as 3 automatic winders of previous generation Orion with which operations started in 1990.

Polar state-of-art machine has been designed keeping in mind customer’s needs of a product
which can increase the productivity, reduce the power consumption, hard waste and can produce a
fault free package, which can justify the need of higher productivity in Weaving, Warping &
Knitting sector.

Further empathizes has been given to make the machine totally trouble free and user friendly,
particularly keeping in mind of working environments in Asian Mills, which is and will be the major
market of Spinning Machinery.

A total of 272 guests attended the symposium, welcomed by Mr. G. Checchini – CEO of Savio
India, Mr. V. De Carli – Area Manager of Savio (Italy), Mr. K.Mohanraj – Area Manager (South) of
Savio India and Mr. Ashok Kumar Varatharaj – Area Agent of Savio India.

Posted on September 26, 2012

Source: Savio S.p.A.