ITMA Asia + CITME 2012 Exhibitor Preview: Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong — April 2012 — The FONG’S group, serving over 7,000 customers worldwide, is known as one
of the key players in the dyeing and finishing machinery industry. Having had a reshape of the
organization in the past years, the Hong Kong based company now covers profound knowledge and
experience of the continuous as well as the discontinuous finishing processes with the well-known

CHTC Hall W1, Stand C1

China Hi-Tech Group Corporation Hall

China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC) will build its own showroom during ITMA Asia + CITME
2012 covering in hall W1 named as “CHTC Hall” to showcase different textile machinery segment
including Cotton and Man-made Fibre products,Dyeing and Finishing and Nonwovens.

FONG’S stand C1 will be part of dyeing and finishing segment to manifest CHTC comprehensive
ability in the industry.

One-stop GREEN Innovation

Previously FONG’S successful demonstrated “GREEN Innovation” at ITMA Barcelona, the groups
will continue to present the latest technology in this field and sincerely provide “one-stop”
complete solution in the range of “Pre-treatment,dyeing and after-treatment”.


TEC Series High Temperature Dyeing Machine

The requirements for the ecological and environmental protection and increasing cost of
energy in the global textile market, it becomes the most essential factors that the dyeing and
finishing industry must concern for operation. As well as the dye house owner must maintain the
highest quality products simultaneously. As such, “Low Cost, High Quality, Environmental
Protection” which are the interlink criteria and how all this aspects can be put into the
production line?

New generation of TEC series High Temperature Dyeing Machine (Picture 6), the
state-of-the-art design achieved the above aspects. It is suitable for different dyeing process
with various types of natural, synthetic, blended fibers. Aiming to providecomplete solutions:
“Efficiency, Energy Saving, Environmental Friendly”.

Efficiency (Versatile Application):
TEC series is specially designed for fabric
which is having tight and crease marks sensitive structure, such as 40S/2, 26S/1,20S/1, tightly
knitted fabric, and sensitive shade (E.g. Turquose)

Energy Saving:
With various new functions, cotton reactive dyeing process takes
about approximately 248 minutes for light color Environmental Friendly: The water consumption for
reactive dyeing cotton fabric is lower to 27.5, 37.8 & 47.6 L/Kg for light, medium & dark
shade respectively.

Capacity: The new TEC Series is offered various capacities per chamber: 300kg
(JUMBOTEC), 250kg (MIDITEC) and 200kg (MINITEC). Customer can choose in range of 1-12 tube.

FC30 color multi-function controller:
By the Fuzzy Logic temperature control
function, the dye liquid temperature deviation can be minimized at + / -0.3 ° C.

Patented design – “Lint Collector”:
Specially designed for loose structure type such
as terry towel and fleece; the collector can accumulate lint at the bottom and discharge it during

Fong’s will exhibit MIDITEC (250kg/tube) with FC30 color multi-function controller at ITMA
Asia 2012.


Fong’s MIDITEC (250kg/tube) with FC30 color multi-function controller


New generation of FC30 program controller has a 6.5-inch 640×480-pixel, TFT color
LCD display together with novel control functions, provides the most cost-effective dye cycle
control. FC30 can also integrate with FONG’S Viewtex and THEN TDS central computer system,
providing comprehensive control management.

1. TFT color LCD display

6.5-inch 640×480-pixel, TFT color LCD display

2. Schematic Diagram

The Schematic diagram clearly shows most of the important operating parameters of each batch
in the same screen.

3. Processing Curves

FC30 program controller can store up to 8 different processing curves. User can select
displaying maximum of 4 different processing curves on the same screen. User can also define 4 sets
of processing curves with their own combinations.

4. Utility Consumption Report

Estimated utility consumption report of water, electricity and steam of each batch is
provided as standard. Actual consumption values can be shown if the machine equips with metering
devices of water, electricity and steam.

5. Navigation Function

Navigation function provides a number of pre-set dyeing procedures and the
corresponding operation parameters. User can simply select just the product code(type of fabric or
yarn), and all the operation parameters can be automatically inputted into the dyeing procedure and
the batch starts immediately.

User can also create custom database, defining different product codes (type of fabri cor
yarn) with required operation parameters and dyeing procedures. User can then simply select pre-set
product code to operate the machine, minimizing repetitive inputs and human error.






The classic in piece dyeing: THEN-AIRLFOW®, state of the art The latest version of the
legendary THEN-AIRFLOW®, the SYNERGY 500 G2, is suitable for all kind of fibres (except pure wool),
making it the perfect high temperature choice for every dye house. The machine with the lowest
liquor ratio in the market satisfies the highest demands in terms of efficiency and ecology due to
the patented AIRFLOW- technology.

In addition, the latest model benefits from extra features, like for example the
self-cleaning filter system or the “hot drop” facility, saving additional 25% of process time and
giving the customer one batch more per day- not to mention the savings in chemicals, energy and



GOLLER – UNIVERSA conveyor dwelling compartment

Goller has always been standing in the forefront of innovation, and dedicating to the
optimization of production processes for our customers to reduce energy consumption,reduce
production cost and enhance the product quality. In order to meet different process requirements,
our development and production of continuous wet processing equipment include a variety of washing
ranges, mercerizing machines and scouring and bleaching machines for cotton knitted fabrics etc.
For the prevalence of high energy consumption, labor-intensive and poor process reproducibility in
the traditional rope washing, now many of the high-end knitted product manufacturers have been
gradually shifted to open width pre-treatments.

It is noteworthy that in continuous open-width process, in addition to density washing,such
as washing after mercerizing, but reactive washing, such as soaping for washing after dying and
fixation for washing after acid printing, sufficient time is needed for the reaction taking place
between fabric and chemicals. To meet the demand of our customers, Goller is specially launched of
the new UNIVERSA conveyor dwelling compartment (fabric content in UNIVERSA depends on the length of
the chamber).

In this new UNIVERSA, the conveyor belt is made of stainless steel in design which will bring
a more stable condition in the transport of fabric. According to the process requirements, the
dwelling time of fabric inside the UNIVERSA can be set in the process management system Goller
Multidata. The UNIVERSA is connected to the filter device which can effectively filtrate the
impurities and fluffs come out from the fabrics. Most worth mentioning is that the UNIVERSA has a
flexible high and low liquid level adjustment device. So fabric spray washing can be used in low
liquid level, but also in high liquid level for dipping washing. The combination of these two
processes can make the washing more evenness, more flexible and better product handling results.
Fabrics of different weight, or different dwelling time, the need of fabric piling height are
different, you can adjust the height of fabric soaked in liquid for the best response to treatment.

Then GOLLER UNIVERSA conveyor dwelling compartment with washing unit and 3-bowl high
efficiency squeezer running in synchronization

XORELLA -XO-Series Vacuum Conditioning and Heat Setting Machine

XORELLA -XO-Series energy saving vacuum conditioning and heat setting machines has been well
received by customers since its launching. The new XO-Series uses key components with uncompromised
quality and excellent engineering in both performance and reliability to help the customers to save
the energy consumption by15%-25%. Cornerstone of the new series is the advanced XO-Steaming system,
which uses the renowned intermediate vacuum technology and combines with internally produced 100%
saturated steam to effectively humidify, set, pre-shrinkage and relax the textile products.

From the standpoint of the customers, the Swiss designed XO-Series machines incorporate the
ecology concept to offer unprecedented low energy consumption and an incredible simple design with
minimum maintenance requirement to meet the lowest process cost and highest quality requirements.
Treatment vessels and pipes of new XO-Series machines are made of high quality stainless steel. The
operational efficiency is significantly improved by automatic loading platform.

Numerous XO-Series machines have already been in operation in China, India and other 50
countries worldwide.


Xorella XO-Series

MONFORTS FONG’S -The cutting-edge Stenter Frame Range – MONTEX 6500

CO. KG, MONFORTS FONG’S has been known as a leader in textile finishing machinery industry in the
Greater China region. With technology support by A. MONFORTS in Germany and high production
efficiency in China, there are more than 1,300 sets of MONFONGS stenter range in service for
customers since its establishment in China from the Year 1999. Other than the well-known MONFONGS
328/329 Stenter Frame Range, MONFORTS FONG’S also produces the MONFONGS 828 ES Stenter Frame Range
with a Heat Recovery System, Relaxation Dryer, Continuous Dyeing Range, Shrinking Range, Beam
Winders, etc which led to a substantial market share and first-class reputation among the

Nevertheless, MONFORTS FONG’S always stays at the cutting-edge of innovation.Since 2010,
MONFORTS FONG’S has been producing MONTEX 6500 stenter range.The machine is available for China and
South East Asia. MONFORTS FONG’S has already received 9 sets confirmed orders for MONTEX 6500
within the month of this proclamation. There are now more than 90 sets MONTEX 6500 stenter in


Monforts Fong’s MONTEX 6500

Posted on April 17, 2012

Source: Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd.