CSI And TASCII Open CSI Design Studio In Beijing

SHANGHAI — March 29, 2012 — Color Solutions International (CSI), a subsidiary of the DyStar Group,
together with TASCII of Tsinghua University in Beijing are proud to announce the opening of their
CSI Design Studio. The Beijing studio is to serve as a training, resource and inspiration center
for both the professors and budding designers.

The CSI Studio is located within the premises of Tsinghua University’s Art & Science
Center. It also serves as the base for the strategic partnership, to facilitate color research,
application and communications for the textile industry. The partnership aims to raise the current
technology and application standard for colors within the China Textile Industry as well as improve
its sustainability and competitiveness.

“With the great support and co-operation from TASCII, we are now able to introduce our color
communication tools and technology to students, and give young designers the best start in using
color the right way,” said Simon Collinson, Managing Director of CSI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. “We are
also pushing forward the brand names of DyStar and CSI as the leading communicator of color within
the textile and design industries in China,” he added.

We are glad to be working closely with CSI, to use the color studio as a platform to promote
complete color solutions for designers and brands”, said Song WenWen, Deputy Director of TASCII.
“In addition, the university is where we nurture top designers. The CSI Design Studio is the ideal
sustainable platform where students, professors and designers could benefit from the approximately
4000 CSI color references and its services – from first inspiration to color selection to
production and final product in the store. 

With the cooperation between CSI and TASCII, students and professors from other faculties,
such as the department of textiles, will also benefit from the seminars organized by CSI.

Posted on April 2, 2012

Source: DyStar