Teijin’s Nanofront High-Strength Polyester Nanofiber Used In Bicycle And Motorcycle Gloves

TOKYO — February 27, 2012 — Teijin Fibers Limited, the core company of the Teijin Group’s polyester
fibers business, announced that it is supplying Nanofront high-strength polyester nanofiber for use
in the palms of bicycle and motorcycle gloves made by Goldwin Inc., a major sport apparel maker in
Japan. This is the first time for Nanofront to be used in bicycle and motorcycle gloves.

The gloves will be marketed by Goldwin and sold in bicycle and motorcycle stores nationwide.
The bicycle gloves, available in both full-finger and half-finger versions, will be on the market
in late February and the motorcycle gloves in early March.

The gloves offer outstanding grip thanks to Nanofront’s excellent frictional properties and
soft texture. Nanofront also boasts high moisture absorbency and diffusion for added comfort,
making it an ideal material for glove palms.

Nanofront is a high-strength polyester fiber with a thickness of just 700 nanometers, or
7,500 times smaller than the cross section of a human hair strand. Nano-sized bumps on the surface
of Nanofront raise frictional force and produce a surface area dozens of times greater than that of
regular fiber, resulting in highly superior slip resistance. 

Nanofront has a wide variety of clothing and industrial applications, ranging from innerwear,
sportswear, golf gloves and skin care products to abrasive cloths and filters. Teijin recently
announced a finer version of Nanofront with a fiber diameter of 400 nanometers, an unprecedented
achievement for a commercial polyester fiber, which is expected to be used for applications
including high-performance air filters.

Posted on March 20, 2012

Source: Teijin Group