ITMA Asia + CITME 2012 Exhibitor Preview: Richard Hough Ltd.

BOLTON, United Kingdom — March 15, 2012 — Highest performance and major cost savings from latest
calendering and dewatering technology

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 Hall E2 Stand E04

Top-quality performance and unrivalled cost savings in calendering and de-watering will be
presented to textile finishers attending ITMA Asia + CITME 2012.

Latest equipment from specialist UK producer Richard Hough Ltd. (RHL) features unique recent
technological breakthroughs in calender bowls and squeeze roller coverings, including the novel
Resilio high-expression rolls based on specially-developed rubber compounds for the ultimate in
liquid extraction.

RHL, headquartered at Bolton, Lancashire, has a proud 200-year history of manufacturing
calender and de-watering rolls for the textile processing industry, supplying to major OEMs such as
Ramisch Guarneri, Andritz Kuesters and Benninger, as well as pioneering its own technology for
these applications.

RHL expertise in cotton bowl manufacture enables the longest cotton fibres to be oriented
around the bowl circumference, while still achieving maximum bowl hardness of 83 Shore D. This
gives the bowl superior elasticity, combined with extreme durability, producing a soft feel in the
finished fabric — features which no other bowl manufacturer can match.

The world-famous Roberto™ roll was named after its inventor, Robert Oliver, of David
Bentley/Modern Rollers, and many thousands of these rolls have been sold worldwide. Since 2005, RHL
has owned the Roberto technology, which uses a special microporous covering as a high-performance
replacement for conventional rubber or PU rolls, for efficient liquid extraction from woven,
knitted and nonwoven fabrics.

RHL’s latest developments are the Syncast™ polyamide rolls and sleeves and Resilio™ rubber
squeezing rolls.

Syncast products are made on the world’s most technically-advanced centrifugal casting
machine, operating at 2000 metres per minute to produce a polyamide sleeve of far superior quality
to the outdated extruded type, without impurities or air bubbles. The Syncast rolls are based on a
highly-elastic thermoplastic polymer, specially developed for textile calender rolls. They offer
high performance and rapid payback, avoiding the need for a major calender rebuild.

RHL Syncast

RHL Syncast rolls feature a novel polyamide sleeve, specially developed for textile calender

The Resilio rubber covering breakthrough is RHL’s latest patent-applied-for development. It
is a 2-layer compound giving 30% better extraction than the previous leading cover. Taking squeeze
roll expertise a revolutionary stage further, the latest Resilio high-expression rubber squeezing
rolls combine the best features of existing hard and soft covering compounds to create a unique,
dual-layer squeezing concept. The hard sub-layer acts as the nip, while the softer top layer pushes
into the fabric interspaces, where water droplets gather. Continuing advances with the Resilio,
based on a novel compound material, have now enhanced the dewatering effect still further.

RHL Resilio

Resilio rolls from RHL are made from a unique two-layer compound for maximum expression.

Both the Roberto and the Resilio extract the maximum liquid from the fabric — achieving 30%
less residual moisture than normal rubber rolls, with consequent massive cost savings.

Says RHL managing director Anthony Ashton: “The full RHL range provides unbeatable options in
squeezing and calendering technology for finishers in China and the whole of Asia and we are
looking forward to introducing the enormous benefits of these products to them. We are delighted to
have the chance to participate in the exciting future growth potential of a region which is the
global leader in textile manufacturing.”

Posted on March 21, 2012

Source: Richard Hough Ltd.