ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 Exhibitor Preview: UCMTF

France — February 2012 — French machinery manufacturers have been actively preparing ITM 2012 which
is taking place in Istanbul, April 21-24.

They are used to come to ITM and, more generally, to Turkey which they consider a strategic
market.Their latest regional collective action took place last October 2010 in Gaziantep (Turkey)
and Alepo (Syria) where they organized two conferences, in Gaziantep mainly focused on the carpet
industry which is so important in this fast growing city of Eastern Turkey.

For Evelyne CHOLET, the French Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association’s Secretary
General,”next ITM will be a major opportunity to meet once more our customers, communicate, at the
highest level, about their needs to compete successfully on the ever changing global market, to
introduce must-have new products, to have highly reliable, low cost and eco-friendly processes”.

The collective, highly visible, actions are in addition to each company permanent
organization, through local agents and offices.

Christian GUINET, President of the Association’s promotion commission and manager of STAÜBLI,
says he is much impressed by the dynamism of the mostly family — run companies working for their
long term future and that he will be personally very happy to have at ITM 2012 a new opportunity to
meet such entrepreneurs.

It is important to remind that France is the 6th textile machinery exporter worldwide.
Together the 35 manufacturers’ annual exports exceed 1 billion Euros (1.3 billion USD).

France is a main regional supplier of textile machinery, for example the 4th supplier for

The web site is a hub for the French machinery manufacturers.

AESA Air Engineering

AESA is a leader in the field of industrial air conditioning, which provides
reliable solutions for textile air engineering, industrial ventilation as well as dust filtration,
waste removal and collection in the textile, paper, tobacco and food industries.

With 120 persons of over 15 nationalities, AESA combines rigor and experience giving to any
project the most advanced engineered solution, with the best and most competitive equipments.

AESA main specialties are: spinning, weaving, knitting for cotton, man made fiber, wool
preparation and worsted spinning and nonwoven applications.

The strategy of regional companies or offices provides a network of service centers close to
the customers, in addition AESA sales agents are present in all major countries.

For any fiber AESA is supplying complete systems in order to maintain the adequate condition
of temperature and humidity through over the year as well as clean environment in conformity with
all standard for health and dust content. The overall energy saving is becoming a competitiveness
factor, AESA air conditioning plants are contributing in a big way to this goal. For spinning
factories, the state of the art is to drive all fans and pumps motors through inverters. For
weavings, the latest development called WEAVE DIRECT is capable to reach up to 50 % energy savings.
This is possible thanks to a dedicated supply air ducting system where unique and localized WDB
type diffusers are placed above each loom.

The DIGIVENT control system, with latest AESA logic is capable to have even more stable room
condition between running and not running high speed machines.

Dollfus & Muller

Dollfus & Muller, the felts and belts manufacturer for more than 200 years, will present
at ITM its textile finishing spare parts such as:

– compacting felts for knit finishing

– printing dryer belts for printing

– sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing

– decatizing felts for wool finishing

– satin wrappers for wool finishing

– tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing.

Dollfus & Muller will introduce at ITM 2012 its new compacting felt for knit finishing
with major evolutions versus its existing products in order to serve better the dyeing houses. The
new compacting felt quality brings a special care to the fabrics thanks to its smoothest surface,
an excellent guiding and the best compacting rate in relations with the new exclusive compacting
felt design.

Furthermore, Dollfus & Muller will display its durable printing dryer belts. In Turkey,
already many printers of fine fabrics, scarves, flags are using the Dollfus & Muller printing
dryer belts for their nonmarking surfaces which can avoid as well the particles on the back side.

Dollfus & Muller has the widest range of printing dryer belts and the strongest dryer
belts.The Dollfus & Muller sanforizing palmer felts are ideal for denim producers.


After one century dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commissioning of equipment for
technical nonwoven products and complete textile waste recycling lines, LAROCHE is now proposing
complete turnkey Airlay nonwoven lines from several raw material sources to make a huge range of
nonwoven products. At ITM 2012, LAROCHE will show a full range of products made from their latest
technologies. After 20 years of experience in Airlay technology Laroche will notably introduce the
new “FLEXILOFT+” Airlay machine and the latest innovations in used clothes recycling processes.

Application fields:

– Nonwoven products for building insulation, automotive, bedding, furniture and floor
coverings, geotextiles, sound and thermal insulation, horticultural

– Open-End using recycled fibres

– Natural fibres products (nonwovens and yarns)

– Short staple bast fibres for spinning, nonwoven and paper

– Disposable products

– Pillows and toys stuffing

– Technical products.

LAROCHE has been a strong partner to many major Turkish companies in the nonwoven and
recycling industries for more than 30 years.

LAROCHE provides a full range of engineering, development and support services for turnkey
projects.In Cours-La Ville — France, a 2000 m² demo-room equipped with 3 Airlay nonwoven lines is
extensively used for process and product development. Customers are welcome to use these facilities
to develop their new products.

NSC Fibre to Yarn

“NSC fibre to yarn” continues to develop and propose TOW TO TOP lines with a new model S200
of stretch breaker followed by the Defelter rebreaker model D5GC30 and GC30 chain gill. As finisher
m/c,the FMV41/42 vertical rubbing frame takes place.

Recently, “NSC fibre to yarn” has installed SEMI-WORSTED LINES with CA6 carding m/c model
225PP orB125PP (2.5 m or 3.5 m wide), supplied by Andritz Asselin Thibeau followed by preparation
lines consisting of chain gills model GC 30 and finishers m/c model FMV41 / 42.

Even more recently,”NSC fibre to yarn” proposes to modernize recycling lines for acrylic
fibres or blended ones by introducing its well-known combing m/c ERA between card and gills. The
contribution of the combing m/c ERA is economically essential according to 4 points of view:

– Production: 1 ton per day in 3 deniers (3 shifts).

– Cleanliness: 25% of neps less compared with PB family m/c.

– Energy consummation: equipment with economic motors.

– Reduced consummation of spare parts owing to a new design of kinematic.


Petit SA is a leading specialist in supplies for textile industries. Since 1946, the group
has been a manufacturer and dealer in accessories for all textile machines on the national and
international markets and owns a modern and well-organized manufacture, a flexible commercial and
administrative structure and a competent trilingual team.

Petit SA Company has a complete, unique and recognised know-how:

– Spare parts dealer for textile machines: covering, texturising, twisting (over 10.000
references available ex stock for all brands: ARCT, ACBF, ICBT, RIETER, RITM…)

– Manufacture of covering spindles and original equipment parts for textile machines

– After-sales and fixing service with specialized technicians

– Removal of textile machines from one country to another (dismantling, reassembling and

– Customer equipment maintenance (workshop)

– Creation of special parts, in collaboration with customers.

Petit SA Company is represented by agents and distributors all over the world, in Turkey by
the company OBEN INNOVATEKS.


At ITM 2012, Spoolex will present its Calemard and Decoup+ product lines for web
products processing and handling, on the stand of its Turkish agent TEKSTIL SERVIS.

Calemard is a well-known slitter/rewinder and spooling line manufacturer which produces
proven solutions synonymous with quality and highly technical for major textile and nonwoven
players. The range of machineries covers all the slitting needs : from compact slitter able to
convert secondary rollsinto narrow tapes or tubes up to 6mm wide, to XXL slitter rewinder up to 3,4
m working width or Jumbo spooling line for ADL products.

In the ultrasonic area, the Decoup+ brand will propose different cutting and welding
equipment, applicable at any stage of the textile production and converting process. From handheld
devices for final make-up operations, to module to be integrated on weaving looms, stenters or
off-line machines, Spoolex industrial range of proven solutions are specifically adapted to
continuous operations.


STÄUBLI will exhibit a selection of the most modern products of the complete textile
machinery range. These include cam motions and dobby machines, electronic Jacquard machines and
harnesses, and weaving preparation systems products.

Group member Schönherr carpet systems will show its exclusive carpet samples — produced on
ALPHA400 series carpet-weaving machines — and Group member DEIMO will present
state-of-the-artelectronic control solutions mainly for textile machinery.

Exhibited machines on the booth of particular interest:

– Most modern SX type electronic Jacquard machine — an extremely versatile machine for a
wideapplication range — will be exhibited in a 2688-hook format together with harness as a
demonstration unit. This new machine is also available in a version SX V for velour weaving andcan
be offered with individual drive without cardan shaft to the weaving machine.

– The newly developed generation rotary dobby type S3060/S3260 that comes with an
evolutionary new locking system. The principle features enhanced security for the selection of the
heald frames, allowing higher running speeds as well as superior reliability.

– Warp tying machine MAGMA T12 for medium to coarse yarn types, ideal for tying technical
fabrics. MAGMA, equipped with optical system for double-end detection and patented thread
separation, ties monofilaments, coarse multifilaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple
fibres, and many other fibre types.


With more than 1,400 lines installed all over the world, SUPERBA S.A.S, is the global leader
in the market relating to continuous carpet yarn heat-setting and dyeing processes, in addition to
manufacturer of machines used for heat-setting, steaming and dyeing of shrinkable yarns for the
production of woven-tufted carpets and rugs (PP, PA ,PET, PAN,Wool and blends).

Since 1971 SUPERBA has provided carpet manufacturers with machines for the treatment of
yarns. The SUPERBA heat-setting process with saturated steam under pressure has always been the
most energy efficient on the market.

Since its first release in 2007, more than 100TVP3 lines of the latest generation have been
sold throughout the world demonstrating its success. The technology of this new line cuts its
energy consumption almost in half compared to earlier versions for equivalent production levels,
thus making it the most energy efficient and environmental-friendly heat setting machine on the

Almost 50 TVP3 lines were sold in 2011 making it a record year. Among these lines, a quarter
was bought by customers who had already purchased a TVP3 line. These companies have been convinced
of the quality, the ergonomic, and especially the exceptional production at a much lower energy
consumption rate of this equipment.


– T&I Yarns: One step further in innovation.

The UT, UTC and UTWmachines are known for their huge flexibility. Different products can be
twisted on each spindle thanks to fully individual driven positions, from spindle to take-up. New
machines are focusing on energy saving and keeping the same perfect ergonomics… The CP machines
are dedicated to Tire cord markets. The new CP 20 has a complete new design from the frame to the
textile equipment, energy saving and easy ergonomics…

– BCF machinery: Processing all types of yarns.

SwissTex France is a major player supplying machinery in the field of cabling and twisting
for synthetic filaments and spun yarns. For the Cabling & Twisting process, the Company offers
a wide range of machines with mechanical spindles: CD, DT and CDDT, as that carpets and rugs are
more and more diversified in their style, look, structure, colors, patterns and presentations.

– Glass Yarns: Worldwide reputation.

SwissTex France reacts to its customer’s demands by offering its products everywhere and
supplying permanently the machines that best fits the customer’s needs. It is always in search of
new ways to increase its equipment performances.

– Textile yarn processing

Twisting, Covering, Assembling, Cabling, Rewinding… SwissTex France has got always the
perfect solution! It offers today a complete range of Twisting machines, Single and double covering
machines, Air covering machines and Combined machines.

– M.U.S.T.: Production under control

M.U.S.T. enables an overview of process information, production results and quality control.

Posted on March 20, 2012

Source: UCMTF