ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 Exhibitor Preview: Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.

PORDENONE, Italy — February 2012 — ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 Exhibition will bring together the
world’s leading textile technology manufacturers in Istanbul on 21-24 April 2012 at Tuyap
Beylikduzu Fair and Congress Center. Turkey is an important customer of Italian textile machinery;
quality fully corresponds to Turkish standards and,thanks to the geographical nearness to Italy,
can be guaranteed an optimum service and quickness.

Turkey is ranked in the top five export markets of Savio, so the attendance at ITM exhibition
is meant at massive level for being closer to these important customers who may be interested in
the most advanced and automated Savio models, for either their green field or expansion projects.
Savio will showcase in Istanbul three machines: Polar/I automatic link winder and two Sirius
machines equipped with different technologies. In fact, further the standard configuration, Sirius
can be equipped with the new Twist&Twist device, that makes possible “two twisting operations”,
instead of the usual single. The T&T solution is expected to turn upside down the twisting
capability and opens a path in this sector,which seemed to be inexorably bound to the Two-for-One
(single twist). It is an absolute innovation, since this technology allows an increase of process
productivity of 33%, with the same energy consumption as the standard double twist spindle. The
system generates a twisted yarn through two yarn ballons, one external with “S” twist direction,
and one internal with “Z” twist direction, a differential speed motor bearing, consequently
generates a triple twist at each spindle turn.


Savio Sirius

The whole device is designed and patented by Savio. The increase in productivity
automatically leads to a corresponding reduction of number of the twisting spindles and, therefore,
of plant dimension, with savings of noise, space, conditioning and lighting costs.

In general, the process cost of the twisting is basically composed of 2 fundamental factors:
cost of investment and cost of electrical energy. Both represent a value of about 90% of the total
process costs.In the case of the T&T spindle, cost-effectiveness of the twisting system is
clear, if one considers that with 25% less spindles the same production is achieved, with a cost
per kg of twisted yarn inferior to the conventional 2×1 technology process. The return of
investment, which of course varies from country to country based on local energy costs, is very
quick and worthy of note.

Savio is represented in Turkey by Motex/Modiano which, since more than 40 years, operates in
this country; it has always grown up to become today a point of reference in Turkey for the Italian
textile machinery. Since several years, Motex/Modiano structure has been strengthened by the
creation of Modiano Teknik Hizmetler for providing the customers with a valid After-sales
assistance.This company, thanks to its high qualified technical team in the mechanical and
electronical field, carries out the assembling and the technical assistance, also providing the
customers with spare parts on immediate delivery from the warehouses in Istanbul, Bursa and
Gaziantep.Savio looks forward to see you at Modiano booth in Hall 2 stand 211/B!

Posted on March 20, 2012

Source: Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.