Vanguard Pai Lung Debuts Knit Monitoring System

Circular knitting machinery manufacturer and services provider Vanguard Pai Lung LLC (VPL), United
States, reports its VPL Knit Monitoring System (KMS) offers remote, secure accessibility to plant
data and enables plant managers and executives to monitor and manage plant operations and product

The VPL KMS features an infrared fabric defect scanner that immediately detects defects, and
a yarn rate monitor to detect yarn overfeeds and underfeeds. The system organizes these two
functions along with preventative maintenance procedures, leading to reduced waste and improved
fabric quality. In addition, the user can input fabric requirements for a certain style, and the
system schedules it and monitors production progress while also enabling adjustments to the
production schedule as warranted. 

The system also monitors and reports details such as downtime and production efficiency; and
calculates worker pay according to job performance, with work load, downtime and other factors
taken into account.

February 14, 2012