PGI Suzhou Plant Expansion Awarded LEED® Green Building Certification

CHARLOTTE — January 11, 2011 — Polymer Group, Inc. (PGI) today announced its Suzhou, China plant
has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification by the U.S.
Green Building Council (USGBC).

The certification validates that the plant is among the world’s greenest, most energy
efficient and high-performing buildings. PGI earned the silver-level status for an expansion and
installation of a new state-of-the-art, custom-designed, spunmelt line completed in 2010.

LEED certification of the Suzhou plant expansion was based on a number of green design and
construction features that positively impact the project itself and the broader community,
including such features as water-efficient landscaping and low-emitting construction materials.

PGI also implemented a green education program and took steps to optimize energy performance,
maximize open space, and protect or restore the habitat.

The project supports PGI’s broader corporate sustainability goals and the company is working
to achieve the designation at other plants it is expanding globally, including its Waynesboro, Va.

“At PGI, we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption
through green building construction, and we are proud to have received this recognition,” said
Chief Operating Officer Mike Hale.

“Achieving LEED certification demonstrates PGI’s leadership in energy and environmental
design and is an important part of our sustainability strategy,” said John Heironimus, senior vice
president, chief marketing and sustainability officer. “Our employees, customers, suppliers and
community can feel good knowing green buildings like this will have less of an environmental impact
for today and future generations.”

Said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council: “PGI’s
LEED certification demonstrates tremendous green building leadership. The Suzhou project
efficiently uses our natural resources and makes an immediate, positive impact on our planet, which
will tremendously benefit future generations to come.”

LEED was established for market leaders to design and construct buildings that protect and
save precious resources while also making good economic sense. It verifies environmental
performance, occupant health and financial return.

The Suzhou expansion project will be listed in the Green Building Certification Institute’s
searchable database of registered and/or certified projects in China.

Posted on January 18, 2012

Source: PGI/PRNewswire