Groz-Beckert Introduces Sewing Needle With LPC Geometry

Germany-based Groz-Beckert KG recently introduced sewing needles featuring its loop position
control (LPC) needle geometry.

According to the company, traditional lock-stitch needles are not ideal, especially when
sewing dense or hard materials together in layers, or when using thick sewing threads. The thread
can become crushed or is twisted tighter above the fabric than below the throat plate resulting in
a negative effect on loop formation. Groz-Beckert reports its improved LPC lockstitch sewing needle
features a longitudinal groove and enhanced shank geometry to create reduced load on the thread for
improved thread protection. This more gentle thread treatment results in stable loop formation,
with fewer skipped stitches or broken threads.

The company’s LPC chain-stitch needle features the same shank and groove structure as the
lockstitch needle, with a large eye in relation to needle thickness. According to Groz-Beckert,
this structure offers well-formed, strong loops especially when using textured yarns under high
tension. Typical chain-stitch needles can skip stitches or form small or poorly-formed loops when
operating under such circumstances.

Groz-Beckert reports the new needles are highly stable and offer gentle sewing thread and
fabric treatment.

November 22, 2011