Karl Mayer Adds Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Lab To CFP Centre Of Excellence

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH’s carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFP) Centre
of Excellence — a department dedicated to the development of composite solutions — now includes a
laboratory dedicated to the production and testing of fiber-reinforced structural components. The
center was established to develop easily adaptable composite solutions for machine components, and
staff engineered plug-and-play parts for a one-stop solution. Currently, Karl Mayer uses CFP
components on its high-speed tricot machines and is working on fitting CFP components on its
raschel machines.

The company is offering its CFP production and testing services to external companies. The
laboratory features a heated press for manufacturing prototypes measuring 500 by 800 millimeters
(mm); a 1,000 mm-by-1,500-mm oven for creating larger prototypes, preforming equipment; liquid
impregnating equipment; a tensile and compression chamber for testing strength and rigidity; and a
climate chamber for testing humidity and temperature effects on a sample. Trained staff — including
specialists in structural mechanics, component design, tool development, prototype construction,
testing and mass production — are available to assist customers.

September 21, 2011