Industrial Nanotech Supplies Nansulate® To Textile Manufacturers

United States-based Industrial Nanotech Inc. — a supplier of nanotechnology-based specialty
industrial coatings — reports that a number of textile manufacturers are applying its Nansulate®
protective coating to equipment such as dyeing machines, steam pipes and heat exchangers. The
company reports that the energy-saving, water-based coating offers thermal insulation and lead
encapsulation; prevents corrosion; and resists mold, fire and chemicals.

According to Industrial Nanotech, Turkish textile manufacturer Henateks Textile reduced its
liquid natural gas consumption by 20 percent after applying Nansulate High Heat insulation coating
to its steam process system, saving a total of US$852,437 in 2007 and 2008, with a payback time of
7 months. Turkish textile manufacturer Erenko Textile performed comparative trials on same-capacity
machines running a 60-minute cycle at 60ºC. In the machine coated with Nansulate, steam supply
cycles were reduced from 24 injections to two injections; energy consumption was reduced by 20
percent; and unit material production costs were reduced by 10 percent.

July/August/September 2011