ShanghaiTex Exhibitor Preview: SSM

SSM at SHANGHAITEX in Shanghai, China

Hall E1 / Booth C01:

We are pleased to announce our participation in the forthcoming SHANGHAITEX taking place in
Shanghai, China, from June 14 to 17 .

The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG is the trend-setter that drives the global
market of  winding technologies/ machines. SSM’s competencies lie in the handling of the yarn
during winding and yarn processing. SSM, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, is
proud to continue its tradition by exhibiting breakthrough technologies and attractive solutions.


At the coming SHANGHAITEX, SSM will be present the new PS8-W for the first time to the
public. Additionally SSM will proudly present the CW8-W which fortify its reputation for offering
machines that add true value in yarn winding.

Machines for the following applications will be on display:


PS8-W DIGICONE® preciflex™

CW8-W Classic Wind™

Rightly renowned as the market leader in these fields, SSM enjoys an excellent reputation
built on years of experience and reliable machinery, delivering quality with outstanding
price-performance. Further more SSM maintains a worldwide service and support network that ensures
the training of your staff and the maximum return on your investment.


We look forward to meeting you for stimulating and interesting discussions; whether you have
imminent projects or are just checking out the latest equipment, we are sure to have economic
solutions for your applications and production needs.

With kindest regards

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG

For more information please contact:

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, Neugasse 10, CH-8812 Horgen / Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 718 33 11, Fax: +41 44 718 34 51,,

Exhibits information & market introduction: Winding machines

PS8-W DIGICONE® preciflex™

The PS8-W is a true high performance precision package winder for dye packages and rewinding
operations. The PS8-W concept is for winding short staple yarns. The process costs can be cut by
approx. 20% with PS8-W precision cones. Other significant advantages are the improved
reproducibility, adjustable blades for different winding length (statically in step of +/- 5 mm),
fewer off-shade dyeing and finally the

enhanced quality and improved image as dyer.

The decisive success factor of the PS8-W cone winder is its thread laying by means of
counter-rotating blades, which has established itself as the thread laying system that is kindest
to the yarn. Further important features of the rotary motions are almost wear-and-tear-free and
low-cost operation. In order to increase the speed, SSM has developed the new tensiso™, a special
balloon optimising system for supply packages.

tensiso™ is a fully automated system and requires no specific manipulation by the operator.
By controlling the unwinding tension the tensiso™ system offers higher winding speed, fewer yarn
breaks, decreased yarn stress and so reduced hairiness as well as a significantly better yarn
unwinding efficiency.

The PS6-series is the reference for cost efficiency production of dye packages and with the
PS8-W this tradition has continued. This makes the PS8-W a “must-to-have-product” in a modern
winding department.

CW8-W ClassicWind™

The CW8-W is a cone to cone winding machine for the preparation of packages for weaving, warp
knitting and circular knitting process. Innovative solutions, rugged technology and application of
the essential allow an optimal yarn path and the simplification of the winder. The economical and
robust technology cuts maintenance and service expenses down to a minimum. The CW8-W allows the
adaptation of the winding to various types of staple yarns. Rotating self-cleaning tension device
and dry waxing device reduce yarn friction to a minimum.

The main aspects of this new random winder are a brand new design with an optimised yarn path
and winding geometry, a new sophisticated anti-pattering system, adjustable mechanical back
pressure system, length measuring system and full package diameter control per spindle. The new
CW8-W has been designed without a head stock; together with the 8 positions per section the machine
foot print is very small.

To summarize the above, the new CW8-W offers customer a very economical solution for the
preparation of packages for weaving, warp knitting and circular knitting.