DSM Dyneema, Proxy Biomedical Collaborate On Biomedical Mesh, Scaffolds

The Netherlands-based DSM Dyneema — manufacturer of Dyneema® high-performance polyethylene fiber
and a division of the Netherlands-based life and material sciences company Royal DSM NV— has
entered into a partnership with Ireland-based Proxy Biomedical Ltd. — a life science company
dedicated to designing and commercializing surgical mesh biomaterials for tissue repair and
regeneration — to further develop a surgical mesh called ExtreMESH, targeted for orthopedic
applications. The product is made from DSM’s Dyneema Purity® high-performance polyethylene fiber.

“Proxy Biomedical is very pleased to be aligned with DSM Dyneema and to be able to offer
ExtreMESH,” said Peter Gingras, managing director, Proxy Biomedical. “We believe that our
partnership will allow the development of new biomedical meshes and scaffolds where the demand for
high strength, fatigue and abrasion resistance and low elongation is paralleled by the availability
of virtual unlimited flexibility in mesh pore size, fiber, diameter and weight.”

“With new access to Proxy Biomedical’s proven expertise in high-performance materials,
research, development and manufacturing, our ability to help those needing tissue repair or
regeneration is expanding,” said Carina Snijder, business manager, DSM’s Dyneema Purity Fiber. “We
are always excited when we get the chance to provide Dyneema Purity fiber for new uses.”

January 21, 2011