Invista To Double Airbag Fiber Capacity In Shanghai

United States-based Invista is currently developing plans for an expansion in high-tenacity nylon
6,6 airbag fiber production at its facility in Shanghai. The company aims to double capacity at the
plant by 2013. The Shanghai plant is strategically located near major automotive supply chains.

“Invista built its Qingpu airbag fiber plant with expansion in mind,” said Jeff Brown, vice
president, Invista Performance Surfaces & Materials. “The additional investment to install more
machines based on our standard global platform will put us at the leading edge of quality, supply
capability and performance in a demanding market.”


Jeff Brown, vice president, Invista Performance Surfaces & Materials

Brown spoke at an Invista-hosted forum at the recent Cinte Techtextil China trade show in
Shanghai. “Global automotive production is projected to grow significantly in the coming years with
particular strength in Asia and South America,” he said. “In Asia, we have seen growing demand for
high-tenacity airbag fibers due to rising automotive safety standards as well as increasing airbag
fitment. China is on the leading edge of change in both areas.”

October/November/December 2010