DyStar Acquires Texanlab

India-based DyStar has finalized its acquisition of India-based accredited third-party quality
control testing services company Texanlab Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The company joins Color Solutions
International, Expert Solutions and Ecology Solutions as a member of the DyStar Textile Services
team. Ullhas Nimkar has been named ambassador emeritus and advisor of Texanlab.

“With the newly relocated and upgraded flagship laboratory in Navi Mumbai, we are confident
that we are better positioned to service international retailers and brands who are sourcing for
top quality and ecologically friendly garments in India,” said Simon Collinson, director of DyStar
Textile Services. “Moreover, we are glad to announce that Mr. Nimkar will continue his service with
us, and I am sure his experience and wealth of knowledge in the field of textile testing will
support and help the development of our future expansion plans.”

October/November/December 2010