Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Now Offers Repreve® Recycled FDY

China-based Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (UTSC) now offers Repreve® FDY, a 100-percent recycled
and fully drawn yarn (FDY). Unifi reports the yarn is suitable for woven, warp-knit and
circular-knit fabrics; and can be used to make a variety of end-products including casual and
outdoor apparel, and backpacks.

UTSC now has the following yarns in its portfolio of products: FDY and drawn textured
recycled filament polyester; recycled staple polyester; recycled filament nylon; and recycled
performance fibers. The performance fiber products are available with flame retardants, moisture
wicking properties, stretch and color technologies.

“UTSC remains committed to providing our customers with a wide variety of sustainable
solutions,” said Ed Wickes, president, UTSC. “Because of the wide range of Repreve FDY yarn counts,
this new product addition will create opportunities that allow us to penetrate new and emerging
market segments for UTSC.”

“As UTSC continues to offer the most extensive assortment of recycled fibers in the global
market, we strive to provide top quality products that our customers can trust,” said Roger
Berrier, executive vice president, Unifi Inc. “We believe in protecting the planet and our
customers’ reputation, and Unifi’s U Trust™ Verification program ensures that all Repreve products
are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.”

October 20, 2010