TMC Goes The Extra Mile

NEW SOUTH Wales, Australia — August 13, 2010 — The unique Sheep to Shelf ® (S2S) traceability
programme offered by The Merino Company (TMC) since 2006, provides complete transparency and
traceability and guarantees the integrity of the fibre throughout the entire supply chain.

Working directly with its Wool Pool Participants, and closely monitoring and managing each
step in the supply chain, TMC provides its global customers with fully certified, transparent and
traceable, quality merino yarn, fabric or garment solutions from Sheep to Shelf ® – traceable right
back to the very farms where the fibre is grown.

Phoebe Croyle, Marketing Manager of TMC said “Whether our customers require certified ceased
or non-mulesed wool, EU Eco-label compliant wool, wool that has been produced on a property which
has implemented a Farm Management Plan or Environmental Management System, or something different
altogether, we can provide complete traceability and certification for each movement of the wool;
from the fibre source, through each manufacturing step, right through to the finished product”.

“Our commitment to maintaining integrity throughout the supply chain, provides our customers
with quality assurance, and provides reassurance to our wool growers that their efforts to
differentiate their wool are recognised and valued right to the end consumer. Such high levels of
transparency and traceability are only possible through the TMC Pools system and our unique
relationships with our wool growers”, continued Ms Croyle.

Details of TMC’s wool growers are recorded, together with their on-farm practices,
certifications, and any additional information required about their properties. TMC then works with
quality driven supply chain partners across the globe including topmakers, spinners, and fabric and
garment manufacturers to provide customers with differentiated natural fibre, textile and apparel
solutions from Sheep to Shelf. Each supply chain partner provides complete transparency and the
necessary certifications which are input into the TMC traceability process.

Taking traceability one step further, TMC can also provide customers with customised web
based traceability programmes, tracing products from Sheep to Shelf. Depending on a customer’s
needs, TMC can engineer a programme designed to their style and specification and once complete,
the programme is then integrated into their website.

One of TMC’s first customers to adopt the Sheep to Shelf® traceability programme was INSTYLE,
a leading Sydney interiors textile designer and manufacturer.

Tracy Mak, INSTYLE’s Environmental Manager, said “INSTYLE works closely with TMC, who manage
the early stages of our supply chain. TMC ensure that our EthEco® wool comes from
holistically-managed farms that have ceased mulesing and that the fibre, yarn and final products
meet our LIFE Textiles® specifications. Working with TMC provides assurance for us, as the whole
system is traceable, and also provides our customer’s assurance through our ‘FARM TO FABRIC’ web
based traceability programme”.

Posted on August 18, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of The Merino Company