Tecnorama Introduces Dosorama HS® Machine

Italy-based Tecnorama S.r.l. — a manufacturer of color dispensing machinery — has debuted the
Dosorama HS® machine for automatic dispensing of all components of a laboratory dyeing formula.
According to the company, simultaneous dispensing enables the machine’s productivity to be 10 times
higher than the maximum productivity capacity of conventional dispensing machines, which dispense
only one product at a time. The Dosorama HS can perform more than 200 complete recipes in one hour
compared to similar machines that perform 25-30 recipes. Tecnorama’s patented Multijet High Speed
Technology dispensing system allows the machine to dispense the individual component accurately to
within 0.005-0.01 cubic centimeters. The rapid dispensing system also enables just-in-time
preparation of the dye bath, reducing the labor required and simplifying laboratory organization.


July 21, 2010