Paramount Yarn Dyeing Installs 10 Thies Yarn Dyers

July 12, 2010 — Paramount Spinning Mills Ltd – Yarn Dyeing Unit, part of Pakistan’s Gulistan
Group, has installed a total of 10 yarn-dyeing machines from Thies GmbH of Germany to meet
expansion across the wide range of products manufactured by the group, and for its export business
in dyed yarns.

Gulistan is one of the largest vertically integrated textile groups in Pakistan, with eight
industrial divisions for spinning, weaving, yarn dyeing, garments, home textiles, towels, household
products and power generation.

Installed in the Paramount Yarn Dyeing plant, the Thies installation consists of eight
vertical-type eco-bloc yarn dyers with one each of 100 and 200 kg capacity and two each of 300, 500
and 600 kg capacity. There is also a 20 kg capacity vertical machine for lab testing and small
runs, and a 4×6 unit eco-bloc quattro with four individual vertical dyeing kiers.

The installation is completed by two rapid pressure yarn dryers of 300 and 500 kg capacity,
and the entire system is controlled by a central computer.

Raees Ahmed, General Manager of the Paramount Yarn Dyeing plant, says that the plant now has
a capacity of 4,000 tons per annum and has the capability to do processing on cotton, polyester,
viscose, acrylic, nylon, rayon yarns and their blends.

“This gives us an enormous range in manufacturing products within the group, and also for
competing with dyed yarn in the export markets of Europe, USA, South America and Central Asia where
they are used in wovens, knits, socks, towelling and other products,” he says.

“We firstly began to use Thies machines in 1995, and we have been using Thies both for yarn
and for fabrics dyeing,” says Mr Ahmed. “We decided on Thies for our latest installation because we
feel it is the best in technology terms.

“Experience has shown that the equipment has longer life, less maintenance and lower running
costs, and the technical after-sales service is excellent.”

With the strong back-up support of Gulistan’s spinning division, Paramount Yarn Dyeing can
supply consistent and regular dyed/bleached yarn of top quality.

Mr Ahmed says that Gulistan has nine spinning mills with 215,000 spindles and 4,200 rotors
producing 70,000 tons per year of cotton and blended yarns from 4/1 to 120/1 as well as up to
10-plied yarns.

“This is one of the largest and most versatile spinning setups in Pakistan,” he says. “Our
yarns are made of carefully selected cotton and manmade fibres purchased from Pakistan, USA, Egypt,
Australia, China, CIS, West Africa and South America.

“Our quality control labs inspect each and every quality parameter at specified regular
intervals throughout production till packing of dyed/bleached yarn.”

Paramount Yarn Dyeing, is Oeko- Tex 100, GOTS (Organic Certification), ISO 9000 and ISO 8000
certified to fulfil all compliances as well as REACH requirements.

Mr Ahmed says that the post-quota era poses tremendous challenges to the textile sector
worldwide, hence providing an enormous growth potential for countries like Pakistan having a strong
textile infrastructure.

“We have to be able to meet the demand, and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of
quality production so that we help increase Pakistan’s share in the world textile market,” he says.

Posted on July 21, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Thies GmbH & Co KG